Return from Texas!

Happy Monday, ya'll! (that's the leftover Texas in me haha). Hope your weeks are off to a happy and bright start! Mine is being spent recovering from my long-weekend trip to Texas (Houston), to visit one of my bff's!
@ Papacitos...sooooo good!!
It was a great time--we got to spend time together, I got to see her amazingly huge place (super jealous), meet her friends/boyfriend, and got to see more of the city than I had seen the other time I had been to Texas (for an ex, boo).

how can you not have a good night
when it starts with these??

The best part was that we got tons of prime girl time in with pool time, pedicures and a shopping spree at the Outlets! And, a ton of super delicious food!! We had so much good food, it was insane (remind me to go to the gym once I get off of the couch), and had a ton of yummy drinks (my liver is also recovering today).

So, about that shopping spree--holy Moses did I go to town...We went to a Loft Outlet which is sign number one that I'm going to spend a lot of money. I ended up leaving with a necklace, FOUR skirts (yeah I said 4),
Yes, at the price I paid, I bought one in
black and one in brown...hehe
two dresses, and a shirt. BUT, I can use them all for work, so I feel totally justified (until my credit card bill comes). Then we stopped by the Coach outlet. Sign number 2 that my credit card company is going to really love me. What did I leave with? Two Coach purses...BUT only $120 TOTAL!!! And then we stopped by J. Crew and I picked up a pair of white shorts that I have been searching for for a while now. And only $23 (thank you, teacher discount!!). So, all in all, I spent almost as much on that shopping spree as it cost me to GET to Texas, but alas, I have a ton of cute things that I can't wait to wear! (Don't ask me how I packed it all in my suitcase. It was a small miracle.)

"Anything else fun or unusual happen, Jenn?" you ask. Why yes, in fact, it did! We somehow ended up at an MTV filming for a reality show (kind of a female Making the Band, but with chicks from England) and the person creating the band? Beyonce Knowles' dad...who was there...
The filming was at the House of Dereon, which is Beyonce's Music place, and the name of her and her mom's clothing line. I have a picture of the group performing but we were asked not to post it since, if you know the number of people in the band, it will "ruin the results of the show"....we'll see if I follow these directions haha (hint hint...look how many chairs are up on stage....teehee). But, come November, look for our faces on a show featuring some chicks wearing some crazy colored outfits from the UK called From Above.

That night was SO random, and stumbling upon filming for MTV shows is just not something that happens to us, but it was one of those nights that will never be replicated. Which is probably a good thing haha.

In any event, it was an amazing weekend and I'm pooped! I loved seeing my bestie and I miss her already!! HUGS TO ALANA!!!

Hope you all have a great Monday! I'm off to have a date with my couch.
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  1. Sounds like a fantastic time. You will have that big house some day AND all the cleaning that comes with it....


  2. Glad you a fabulous time in Houston -- LOVE Houston - my husband & I just moved from H Town to Trinidad! I so miss all the fabulous restaurants!!

  3. Sounds like a great trip :)

  4. Wow sounds like a fun trip! I went to Houston for the first time in February for a teaching conference and we ate at Papacitos. YUM! MTV taping sounds like a fun and interesting time. Those nights are often the best!

  5. Those drinks look delicious! Here via Mingle Monday :)


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