I love Etsy!

Happy Thursday, lovies! Yesterday was a jam-packed day for me. I had the Photo "Tour" of DC for my photography class, but since it ended up raining over half of the time, we spent the entire class at the WWII memorial. I still learned a ton, though! I'm not posting the pics yet because, frankly, I got caught up in other stuff yesterday once I got back and those nice little pics are still on my camera. Perhaps I'll grace you all with those another time.

But, in the meantime, I'm going to post about my loooove of Etsy, and all things wonderful that can be found on this site. Including my new jewelry organizer that hangs on the wall!

Oh yes, it opens...
It opens up for MORE earring storage on the other side as well!!!

It has SO much storage! Like I said in the captions above, the inside frame opens up to have more earring storage on the other side. 
As you can see, the earrings that I have didnt fill up the space, but it DID clear off my dresser which was WAY too cluttered! Plus, as my friend Trish pointed out, this is just an excuse to go and buy more earrings haha (I love where that girl's head is at).
The organizer comes in different colors, I just got this one cuz it matches the wood that I have with my current furniture set. So, if you like it, go get you one! It was only $30 with $15 for shipping.

Now, I'm off to go finish some last minute packing and errands and head off to Houston early this afternoon! Hope you all have awesome weekends!


  1. LOL! it's time to shop shop shop and buy more jewelry! It looks good! I hope you have an awesome time in Houston!

  2. That is a pretty useful jewelry box if I do say so!


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