Happy hump day, bloggie friends!  And since it's Wednesday, I'm linking up with Jamie for another edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that as I'm writing this, I'm eating a delicious burrito bol from Chipotle. Mmmm. My previous roomie and I would go to Chipotle weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) and since she has moved out, those trips have not happened nearly as frequently as I want them to. So, today, during lunch at work, a couple coworkers and I decided to brave the heat and get some yummy Chipotle. It's fantastic!

I'm loving that I'm getting time to set up my office, look at files, and kind of prepare myself for making my schedule with the other service providers this week. I HATE making a schedule...in fact it's one of my least favorite parts about starting another school year. So, to have the time to prep is absolutely wonderful!

I'm loving  that MP picked me up after work yesterday from the metro, took me and my pup back to his place, and made me dinner, despite being hot, hungry and cranky (which I have been the last two days at the end of work). The fact that he dealt with the cranky and was still nice enough to make me dinner won him mega points in my book. (I suppose now that work is started the REAL me is coming out more and more haha).
I'm loving my new, huge, office...with the window!!! I'm posting a picture of it here, but PLEASE don't judge. I'm still in the midst of unpacking and tons of paperwork all over my desk. I'll take another picture of it once it's more organized and set up, just so that you don't think I'm a complete slob! :)

There's also a table with a desktop computer off to the left of where I'm standing taking the picture, and a book case next to the filing cabinet that you can't see either! Tonnnnns of space!

I would spend more time writing more about what I'm loving, but I need to get back to work now that I'm done eating my lunch! Hope you guys have some awesome things that you're loving today. Head over and link up!


  1. Your office will come together in time! I love the natural light!

  2. I LOVE CHIPOTLE! I would eat it all the time if I was rich and if it didn't have so many calories...SO GOOD!

  3. Aww that's so cute he did that for you :) And I like your office, I can't wait to see when it's all put together!

  4. Mmm. Nothing is better than Chipotle! And, that office is HUGE! CONGRATS! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!


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