It's only Tuesday??

Hey,my bloggie friends! So, apparently today is Tuesday. After the first day back to work yesterday, I would have put money down that today was at LEAST Thursday.

I got home after work yesterday and was BEAT! We had meetings ALL day, a "working lunch" (aka, a not real lunch break, but more of a "we'll let you eat while we make you work"), and not to mention the crappy-ness of me being separated from all of my teacher-friends for the whole day. Since I'm a "resource" person (aka, not a classroom teacher), they separated us (as usual) so that we could get more out of the training. When, in reality, I got the same out of it that I did when we did it last year, and our group was not the one with the specialist. Oh, and to top off the whole day? We had to do a scavenger hunt through DC from 2-4pm (the heat of the day) when it was over 100 degrees outside with the heat index. Can you say 'sweaty mess'?

So, after a day of meetings, and no major breaks (other than for bathroom breaks), and running/sweating through DC, I got home and was exhausted. And I had homework to read stuff for whatever we're doing today. I could barely keep my eyes open through it. Heck, I could barely keep my eyes open through the Bachelorette (now you KNOW I'm serious about the tired level). My sorry butt was in bed before 10 and out within a few minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

So, I'm back at work now, ready for another day of meetings. At least they're actually giving us a lunch break today!

Hope your Tuesdays are awesome!!


  1. We do scavenger hunts all through the neighborhood! Fun stuff....


  2. Dear friend,
    This sound like no fun at all. Hope today is better!

  3. OMG! I would have been so sweaty and hot walking around in this heat! I feel bad for you!


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