All that Glitters Is Not Gold

So, I wrote yesterday that this weekend was rather rough.

MP and I decided to end things. I know things have seemed peachy between us based on my posts, but sometimes you keep the icky things private, especially when you're trying to focus on the good things. The problems stemmed from lack of similar communication styles, and in terms of disagreements, I'm the type who tries to talk things out calmly...the less that works the more upset I get. MP starts off at 10 and works his way down to calm. This doesn't lead for healthy conversations/interactions. And active listening did not seem to ever happen very quickly.

It was a cycle that I didn't feel was healthy and a cycle that I did not want to become permanent. We hit a breaking point last week over something stupid and that was the time when I knew it just needed to end. Unfortunately the drama dragged out through the weekend, but things have finally been put to rest.

I don't have anything bad to say about MP. He's a great guy, very caring, smart and ambitious but, in my opinion at least, needs to work on how to deal with emotions and things.'s back to square one. Jenn is on again. We'll see if my prince charming is out there....maybe I'll find him one day. Preferably before Im old and gray lol.

(Back on the dating scene)


  1. awwww, sorry to hear that... but seems like you're handling it ok (hopefully) and it seems like you're really mature about the decision. it sucks to not be on the same level with someone especially communication wise... but good that you recognized it wasn't working sooner rather than later...

    get back out there and you seem like a great girl... the right guy is out there for you! :)

  2. I wish you the very best. This break says a lot about your insight. He simply wasn't the right match for you.

    I am sure you will find one.

    On to the next chapter.


  3. You'll be fine. I told you you're the next Michelle Duggar. I have faith that you're going to push out 20+ kids. And you won't go gray...that's what hair dye is for. DUH!

  4. Sorry to hear about that.
    You wil be fine. I love your attitude towards the whole thing.
    I agree with you, I have your same communication style. I always like talking things out, no matter how long it takes and if it does not happen I get even more upset. The longer it takes to work it out, the angrier I will be than the minute it happened.

  5. Sorry to hear that. But, i'm sure everything ill work out the way it's supposed to. As my mom has always said, there are many "mean time" guys until you find the one. Not to sound cliche, but you'll find him when you least expect it. :)

  6. If you were closer to Ohio, I would fix you up with my brother-in-law!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear that. Break ups suck! But now you have a chance to find THE perfect guy for you, with nothing holding you back.Hang in there girly!

  8. Welcome back to the dating scene. I personally hate it. LOL

  9. I kept my breakup secret from the blog world for 4 months. Im impressed you're ready to own it. You go girl! You're a catch!

  10. Oh I'm so sorry. Hang in there and have a couple of glasses of wine to help ease the pain!

  11. SO sorry! Enjoy some wine and ice cream!!

  12. Oh, so sorry! That sucks. :( Sounds like you handled it really well though. Who knows-- maybe the right guy is just around the corner! ;)


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