Rough Weekend

Hey all!

It has been a rough weekend for me....I'll go into more details in another post. Just not ready to blog-dump quite yet.

However, to put myself into a slightly better, more upbeat and cheerful mood, I'm posting some pictures of happy things. I figure, it's Monday, and if you're having a case OF the Mondays, these might help put a smile on your face as well.

Let the cuteness ensue!

Cha-cha-cha-Chia (dog)! Freaking cute costume!

Gone fishin'!

Homey don't play that....foooooool!

Kitty headbands--the newest fashion accessory!

Piglet! Ahhh so freakin cute

Perhaps they missed the memo of whose bed was whose...hehe

Alright...I hope that helped amp up your smile-levels. I know they are helping put a little pep into my step!

Here's to getting through another week!


  1. These are hilarious!! So sorry your weekend sucked, girl. Hope everything is okay very very soon!!

  2. The piglet baby and chia dog are so cute! Thanks for sharing. Hope you week gets better!


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