Photo Inspiration #5 (it has returned!!)

Happy Friday, lovies! Thanks to some coaxing from my friend, Trish, I am attempting my previous link-up again: Photo Inspiration Friday!

This is a chance for you to post a picture (or a bunch of pictures) of something that is inspiring you this week. It could be a person you love, something you came across (perhaps on Pinterest!) or anything you want! There are no limits here! So, link up at the bottom of the page, and show me and everyone else what inspired you this week?

This week, I was getting some major color inspiration from some photos I was coming across on! All of these photos are of different doors. Doors, of all things! I typically think of a door and think of entering a house. But, seeing these doors, and the amazing colors associated with them kind of blew me away! So, here is my Photo Inspiration this Friday:

{all photos taken from}

Aren't the colors absolutely awesome?? I'm still overwhelmed by how colorful and unique a regular old door can be!

So, what's inspiring you this week? Link up below! (The link will be open until Monday night)
Hope you all have great weekends!


  1. Love all the colors...especially the green and blue in the lower left corner. Glad to see that you've brought this link up back - it's a nice start to the weekend! Happy Friday : )

  2. OOh those are so pretty! Pinterest is addicting, no? ;)
    Also, I saw your blog via Long Distance Loving and I happened to see that you are a Speech Pathologist! How do you like that?! I am majoring in Linguistics, graduate in December and have no idea what to do after that...maybe go to Grad school for Speech Therapy? Don't know yet so any advice/tips/suggestions would be appreciated! :)


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