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Happy Monday, bloggies!
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I had a low-key weekend which is JUST what the doctor ordered! And, the ONLY things of significance that  I really did was go to the movies. Twice. Yeah, I'm a baller haha.

The first movie I saw was with MP, and it was Friends with Benefits with JT and Mila Kunis. It was pretty cute, had some funny parts, and lots of hot naked body shots. The movie makes me think I should quit my profession in speech pathology and become a head hunter if you meet dudes who look like JT and become your buddy/boyfriend! Who knew?? :)  The movie also makes me heart JT even more than I did before. There is really nothing that this kid doesn't do, and I think he's even more perfect because he is funny. I mean, the Dick in a Box skit was out of control funny. Adore. Mila Kunis is also mega hot in this movie. I hate/like her. Hate her for being so dang hot and having such a perfect body. Like her for being kind of a smartass/fun chick.

Then, on Sunday, I took my mom to see Harry Potter for her birthday! I had planned on seeing HP the week before with my roommate, but when we got to the theater it was sold out, so I made sure to buy tickets ahead of time and get to the theater early this time. We got there 30 minutes early and within 5 minutes of getting into the theater it was getting packed. By 5 minutes before the show, people had to start sitting in the front row (you know, the one where you cant see the screen and your neck is wrenched upward the whole time). The movie was fab! Only part I thought they could have done better was aging the kids at the end. Harry was the only one who looked older, the others just looked like they did normally with "adult" clothes on. You can make Little People into goblins but you can't age these guys 19 years? I find that hard to believe. Overall, I loved the movie tho, and Im sad that the series is over. But super glad that I got to see it with my mom! Loves her!!

Now it's back to another work week, tweaking my schedule of any errors that may be involved, and popping into some more classrooms before I start seeing kids next week. And, I have a massage to look forward to this Wednesday! Holllllaaaaaa!!! :)
Hope you all have a great start to the week!


  1. LOVED 'Friends with Benefits'!! Such a cute funny movie. And HP7.2 is soo awesome! I agree about the ending though, but I actually read an article before I saw the movie that said they reshot that last scene because when they did it the first time, some people got in and took pics secretly and were mocking how "old" they all looked with crappy make up and stuff, so they reshot it without the makeup and just tried a little different way to make them older. I still thought Ginny looked like she was 12. Ron looked older only because he had a pot belly, lol. Oh well, still a great movie :)

    Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. I am definitely due for a trip to the movies. I love Mila and JT. I had a lazy weekend as well and watched lots of movies at home. My new celebrity crush is Minka Kelly. She is so gorgeous. Happy Monday.

  3. Greetings via Mingle Monday!
    Loooove me some HP. I agree, the aging at the end could have been better. :)

  4. Stopping by from MM - i also thought the "older" scene in HP could have been done better -- it's like they didn't even try..overall though - I loved the movie! xoxo from Trinidad

  5. The Help comes out this week! are you excited?

  6. Stopping by from [Life of Meg] Monday Mingle.

    I loved "Friends with Benefits". It was sooo much better than "No Stings Attached". JT and Mila's chemistry was great; I loved the ending!

    The Offspring and I saw Harry Potter at the midnight showing. Really sad, too, to see it end. Agree with you on the aging. Also hated how the changed key points (climax battle not being where it should have been and what Harry did with Elder Wand - too much of "creative freedom" if you ask me, I prefer it when they stick with the book).

  7. I loved Harry Potter too, and I can't wait to see Friends with Benefits and Crazy,Stupid,Love! Husband wants to see Captain America- so it would be great if we could have a whole day of seeing movies! LOL


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