Totally Random Tuesday!

Are you sensing a pattern for this week? I am all over the place, which means so are my blog postings. However, I hope this lends itself to some entertainment for you all!

Let's get started with my randomness!

I heart Ryan Gosling. I think he's hot, adorable, etc etc etc. I think, like most girls, after seeing him in The Notebook, I was swooning and have been ever since. Well, my love for him went to another level when I saw this today. He totally stopped a fight. With his nice muscular arms. I am thinking I may need to make my way to New York, get angry about something and have to have him wrap his big muscly arms around me to "calm me down." He's aaaaaadorable! I'll even forgive his slightly awkwardly feminine tank top.

On to our next tidbit of randomness: The Bachelorpad. Oh-Em-Geeeee, I can't stand Vienna and Kasey (but moreso Vienna). Why does this guy have to bust out into "song" all the time? And his "song" isn't more than him just singing what he would say. No rhyme, no actual tune. It caused my roommate and I to YouTube his previous awkward moment of singing with Ally. What a weirdo. And then there's Vienna. Ugh. I can't even sum up how much UGH I feel towards her.

And then there's Michael Stagliano. Swwwwwooooon.

 In his dark purple man-kini. This is what won him the competition. The flying "hi" with the crotch grab. He's a character and I adore him. If Holly doesn't get her ISH together, I will come in and scoop him up!

And just for funny-sake, look at Jake's face here:
Seems about right.

Ok, I think that's all I have time for, at least for right now. I hope you enjoyed!
Back to the daily grind that is my life! :)


  1. OOOH EM GEEEE is right.

    I cannot get enough of Ryan Gosling the hero. I just want to squeeze him and have his babies.

    Also, bachelor pad? Trainwreck television at is BEST! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't stop...

  2. Totally watching Bachelor Pad on Demand right now, and DYING over the synchronized swimming!!! Hilarious!!


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