Yes...we just had an Earthquake here in DC....
I was just with kids, and the floor shook a little. Thought kids were in the hallway jumping around, and then EVERYTHING in my office shook.
Ran the kids to the doorway and everyone in the hallway was mouth-open going "was that an earthquake?"

5.9 quake apparently....centered in VA. Where I live. Awesome.

Uhhh....we dont have a fault line here. What the hell....


  1. Crazy!! Glad you are ok. I am spending the summer in PA and felt some of the aftershock. Although, I thought it was the furnace rumbling. Not sure if furnaces do that,...but...that was my initial thought.

    Not your typical Tuesday! Stay safe :) MademoiselleMichael

  2. Glad you are ok! I felt the earthquake in SC!

  3. i felt it all the way up here in jersey! sooo crazy!

  4. OH MY GOSH! I felt it too out in the RESTON area! Holy cow, that was insane. Glad that you and the kiddies are okay.

    My sister is a 5th grade teacher and is planning to use this in her earthquake unit.

    Stay safe!

  5. I though I just saw something on how the states got their shapes about a fault line in that area? I know there is one in New Madrid in TN/MO and one in NY/NJ/PA which aren't too far from you. Glad everyone is ok!


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