WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! And what an eventful week it has been so far!

Gonna take this time to do a WILW post, linking up with Jamie at this kind of love!

I'm loving that, despite the random earthquake on the East Coast, that everyone and everything seems to be ok in most areas! It was kind of freaky, especially being at school, with children, and in the middle of teaching kids how to say "s" haha. But, we all made it out ok, and have an interesting story to share!

I'm loving that this weekend I got to celebrate my friend Emily's Bachelorette party with her. I am also loving that along that journey we ran into a group of guys, which contained a super hottie, who ended up talking to me and asking for my number. Don't love that he lives in Cali. Buuuut he was nice to look at. And has been texting me since Saturday night.  Not too shabby!
(Emily with the boys! Hottie is on the right)

I'm loving that I finished the Hunger Games series this weekend. The books were soooo good, and now I am kind of disappointed in the book I'm currently reading (it's not non-fiction, and isn't moving at a quick pace like the other books). But, alas, I need to move on and meet new book characters. Just like I'm out in the real world meeting boys on match haha.

I'm loving that the weather has been insanely gorgeous the past few days! The humidity is almost nothing (and if it IS there, I can't tell, and neither can my hair), and it has been in the mid to upper 80's. My recipe for a perfect day. I'm SUPER glad the weather was nice yesterday when we had kids at a local playground waiting for parents to come get students. I just love sunshine, and not sweating terribly! I'm hoping this hurricane deal doesn't mess with that, but given that we have had an earthquake, are expecting a hurricane now, I am just gonna sit back and wait for the zombies to invade followed by the apocalypse! :) In the meantime I will enjoy this fine weather! :)

I am also linking up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting!


Kate Spade bag. Swoon!

Love this quote/idea

Totally have wanted to do this to a set of bookshelves in my living room!

So true, so many times...

Just because it's adorable...

I LOVE the movie Up! This makes me smile!

Cinnamon chips and chocolate/strawberry "nachos". These look soooo good!
What are YOU finding Pinteresting, or loving today? Link up!!


  1. He IS a hottie! And you never know, you may not be a country apart forever - enjoy a little text flirting and see where it goes :)

  2. me likie that bookshelf too!

  3. we live in Hershey Pa and felt the Earthquake too- so crazy how far it stretched up and down the coast. Love Pinterest too. Love that book shelf isn't amazing how many awesome ideas we are all getting from ONE website! Love it! Cute blog!

  4. I always combine these two links- hard to pass up on one or the other :) Love your pins!

  5. I love that bookshelf too - such an easy way to make it stand out.

  6. I LOVED the hunger games too.. You should try "matched" pretty good fantasy too.

  7. Felt the earthquake in PA! Loving your pinterest finds!!

  8. Great loves and pins. I just may have to try that bookshelf idea : )

  9. Everyone in my town felt the earthquake except me apparently. Haha! Glad nothing disastrous occurred with it.

    And he IS a hottie!! Exactly what a girl needs after a breakup! :)

  10. I just finished book 1 of the Hunger Games. Started the second one...im addicted! Also, I love the pins...especially the UP one. I love that movie. Happy Wednesday!

  11. I wanna snuggle that puppy. so cute.

  12. My sister in law lives in DC! Loving your post today....have a great day:)

  13. I love that Kate Spade pocket book!!

  14. Yum! Those "nachos" always get me. They look SO tasty!

  15. Ooo nice hottie there!! Sorry about your break up...they are never fun to deal with but I'm glad you're strong and still looking and having fun! I hope the weather stays ok by you and that you can enjoy the week (love the zombie sign haha), And I want those nachos..yum!

  16. i love all of your pinterest finds. they are just ADORABLE. pinterest is so addicting! also, i am also glad that everyone on the East Coast seems safe so far. we have a lot of tsunami scares and hurricane scares in hawaii and it is always so terrifying.

    new follower, please stop on by:

  17. I love the Kate Spade bag and the bookshelf! I could use to redo some furniture. I really like the pic of the brain and the heart! It's soo cute! What can I say, I'm a bio major :)


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