B*tchy, or not B*tchy? You tell me....

I want your opinion on something....but first you need a little background before I pose the question to you, so here goes:
So, all of you know, on some level anyway, that I do not like where I work. I LOVE my job, but I do NOT like the place in which I work. This is my second year here and I feel like I am not a part of the school community at all.
Also, given that I am a speech therapist at the school, I don't have a grade-level team, and don't have to do all of the things that a general ed teacher has to do. And, a lot of meetings that we have are about classroom management, data-related things to tests, etc. All of which I don't have a part in. So, many times when we have staff meetings and I see the agenda, that it doesn't apply to me, I don't attend, and instead do seminars or other things for continuing education or catch up on/complete the tons of paperwork I have to do. My principals and supervisor have never once said that this is a problem.

Ok, so at the start of the year, this chick who works next to me doing a reading program (not in the classroom), asked me if I had time in my schedule to help with this program the school was starting this year. I told her I needed to look into it, and at that point I didn't know my caseload entirely yet. Once I saw that my caseload had almost DOUBLED from the year before, and spoke to my supervisor about it, we both agreed that I wouldn't have the time to commit to the program so I sent the chick a polite email telling her this and that I was really sorry. I never got a response and since then she hasn't said a word to me, even in passing in the hallway. And her office is literally right next to mine. I've told her I like her outfits and things and I get a quiet "thanks" or she ignores it altogether.

So, today we had a staff meeting and I saw that the agenda related to me, so I went to the meeting. It was short and totally related to me, so all good in the hood, right?

Well, after the meeting Im walking to the bathroom, pass this chick in the hallway and after we've passed each other she goes "Jenn, it was good seeing you up there today".....and I'm so taken aback that 1) she is talking to me and 2) that she is saying THAT, that I go "huh?" and she repeats it. Again, still kind of shocked that she had the nerve to say that (and for what reason?), I just go "umm....ok" and go to the bathroom. She said it with this kind of smug look on her face, or like she was trying to see how or if I would react.

It was bitchy, right? My friend Trish thinks so, and I am sitting here fuming, because 1) what the hell does it matter to her if I go or not? and 2) why does she feel like she has the right to say something to me about it?


Also, if you think it's bitchy, do you think I should say something to her? Or just continue to ignore her like she has done the first 9 weeks of school?


  1. I think that's bitchy of her to say that. Have you ever seen 'Bad Teacher' with Cameron Diaz? She sounds like the crazy teacher who wants to excel at everything and hates anyone who doesn't lol. I don't understand why people have to create tension like that for no reason, or perhaps because they're mad you couldn't help out with something. OMG just get over it, right?? If I were in your shoes, I would try to confront her about it--maybe not the comment really but just about how you feel like there is distance between you both and you really don't know why. I mean she probably thinks you're just skipping out on the meetings to do nothing, but obviously you're doing something!!

  2. Yes, it was bitchy. No, I don't think you should retaliate. I was going to say maybe you could explain to her why you and your supervisor decided it wasn't necessary, and that you were using your time more effectively but doing other things. But clearly, this woman is pretty immature, and it's not worth trying to justify yourself to her. You're better than her, her doing your job well, and you know it. No need to bother with ignorant people like her. You'll never change them.

  3. Hmm, tricky. She was being bitchy though...

  4. Yea that was very bitchy...I hate rude people like that. I am not one fr confrontaion. I would suggest lebing it alone for now and just ignore her as she has been soon to you. However...if she made another cOmment.... I would probably lose it on her lol. Then...i would tell her what's up...

    Sorry girl... No one deserves that

  5. The fact she had a smug look on her face def confirms she was being a beeeeeeep!!! Personally I don't think she is worth your time...but if this will bother you then I would say something.

    SMILE IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. The fact she had a smug look on her face confirms she was being a beeeeeep! Personally I DON'T think she is WORTH your fabulous precious time. However, if it's gonna bother you then I'd say something. Maybe, what did you mean by that comment. She probably doesn't expect you to say anything!




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