Awkward Story for Monday Laughter

Happy Monday, lovies! I hope it's a little warmer where you are this morning than it is here--I had to bust out a coat to go to work today--Brrrrr! I hope you all had fab weekends! Mine was jam-packed with fun, and I'm wishing I had one more day to recoop. BUT, this is my last week of work before I get 2 weeks off, so I am ready to power through and get to that vacay time! This weekend was not only fun, but it had a pretty funny/awkward moment. Keep reading....

Here goes my recap of my supremely fun weekend: Friday night MG and I met up with one of my besties Trish (from Tales from Trish) and her bf for dinner at Matchbox. It's a deeeeeelish pizza place in the DC area, and it totally lived up to our mouth-watering expectations. We stuffed our faces with pizza and it was amazing! MG and I headed back home after dinner, watched some tv (I passed out on the couch) and then we went to bed. A low key night was good because we had his friend's 30th birthday to go to the next night.

So, saturday was rainy (are you surprised??? I seriously dont know what sun looks like anymore) and MG's friend's party started at 6:30 (yes....lame, no it did not involve dinner. More lame.). His friend's gf arranged the party and apparently had no idea that 630 is not the ideal time for a party. So we got there around 8 and had some drinks, hung out and chatted it up with people, ate some appetizers. Here's one of the pics from the night:
~happy happy~
(this is my new fav pic of us)

Throughout the night I got introduced to a few of MG's friends who I hadnt met yet, and here comes the awkward/funny part:

I'm standing by the door that goes outside to the patio, and this guy comes in and knows MG so they are saying their hi's. I look at him and think to myself "he looks kind of familiar....." and MG goes "this is my gf" and the guy looks at me and goes "We've met before, haven't we?" and I say "No.....I don't think so...." (and now I'm thinking Yeah....I think I know where he is from now....let's wait for his name), and he goes "Oh. Well, I'm Craig" ("oh shit" I say in my head) and I say my name. He walks off a second or so later and I turn to MG and go "sooooo I need to tell you something" and he goes "uh-oh". This is why it's funny/awkward:

While talking to MG on Match, there was another guy who I had been emailing back and forth with. Craig. Yes, that guy. We never actually met up because he wasn't timely with emailing and around the time he finally called me, MG and I were getting serious and I emailed and told him that I was seeing someone, and therefore wasn't going to be able to meet him. He wrote back thanking me for telling him, etc.

So, what are the freaking chances that I : A) run into this guy ever?  B) that I run into him with MG and C) that MG knows him?? These are the type of things that happen to me. (It's not over yet....)

After telling MG he goes "Oh god, THAT guy? He's such a douche!" (so, lucky for me I never met him--and, honestly, after seeing the guy, he didn't look like his pictures either. So, all in all, I think I got the good end of the deal on that one :)

Later on MG and I go to dance and on this crowded dance floor, where do we end up? Next to Craig. I try and ignore and pretend like I don't notice. And then he taps my shoulder. And leans in. And says something like "You know where I know you from, don't you?" and I said "Yeah, I figured it out when you said your name. Totally random" and he laughed and I think I turned away at that point. MG was rolling his eyes but laughing.  And then Craig disappeared, and MG and I danced the night away.

How's that for awkward/random/funny?

The rest of the weekend involved a trip to Target (where I somehow spent $88 and got nothing fun), Petsmart to get Cooper a toy and some doggie cookies for his THIRD birthday (tomorrow), and watching my Skins put another tally in the win column! Wooohoooo!

What'd you all get into this weekend? I hope it was uber fun!!


  1. Hahaha oh gosh I totally laughed at that story...that's something that would happen to me lol. Glad you got past the awkwardness, and MG is cuuuute!!! :)

  2. Love that pic of your two! So cute! And that is totally something that would happen to me haha. Hilarious.

  3. OMG - BEST STORY OF THE DAY. LMBO. that is so funny. but awkward funny.


    that pic of us isn't bad. you look cute at least...

  4. Hi!
    Great story. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. THAT is really random! This world seems big but it is so, so small sometimes!

  6. Thanks for the laugh. That sounds like something that would have happened to me in my single days. Oh well..what can you do. Sounds like you get the better end of the deal for sure. :)

  7. OHHHH BOY thats awkward/funny! Thanks for sharing. I had that happen to me kind of. My current beau and I were at a kickball bar and playing flip cup. And all of a sudden I see my match up partner is a guy I dated for 2 months (not seriously). YEAH...awkward...luckily neither of us said anything! EEEEK!

    That's a great picture you got there! Is it EVER going to stop raining!


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