Fun-filled Weekend

Hey,'s Monday and I am draggin' just a bit. The weather is overcast here in D.C. (are you shocked??) and since it's still early in the morning, I'm a wee bit tired still. You know, the weather guy on the news said that out of the entire month of September in DC we have had ONE day that was mostly sunny? ONE! How freakin' depressing is that? If the sun ever decides to come out again, I might need to shield my eyes as I think my body has been adapting to this awfulness darkness and I might be taking on bat characteristics.

Anywho! This weekend was a lot of fun, and the weather held off for what I wanted it to. Friday MG (Match Guy if you forgot) and I went out to dinner at a nearby restaurant and then curled up inside for some night time movie watching and couch-cuddle action. It was raining all day and pretty much miserable out so it was perfect couch weather.

The next day was Blocktoberfest which I hadn't actually been to ever before, but it was put on by the same people who do Shamrockfest in March which I HAVE been to (think outside, all-day drinking, with tons of food, music and silliness) and have always had a blast at. This event was at a new location, the Yards Park, and none of us had been there before. Look at the picture tho:
 Looks like it could be coo,l right? Well, let me tell you, this Blocktoberfest was pathetic. There was ONE beer truck for the entire event, and two food trucks (an hour into the event one of them hadnt even set up yet) and maybe 35-50 people there. MG, myself and a couple of friends walked in and couldn't help but laugh at how few people were there. We got there an hour after it had started and I believe we stayed for about an hour (as long as it took to drink two beers and grab some food which we had tickets for), then headed out into DC to meet up with some other friends. I was entirely disappointed at how boring the event was.
Here's a telling sign: the port-a-potty's inside of the event were cleaner than the ones OUTSIDE of the event.
I would post pictures from it, but sadly I think we were in too much awe at how lame the whole thing was. If I had taken a picture, it would have looked similar to this:
except just add in a band playing, one really drunk old person dancing around to the music, and two girls who dressed up like beer maids lol.

The night turned into a lot of fun when we met up with friends and ended with us all nursing hangovers the next morning (several people ended up with the "beer flu" haha). MG and I might have eaten pizza at 10am Sunday morning. We'll call it "brunch"...yeah, that's it.

I spent the majority of yesterday catching up on my DVR, checking on the football games and being a total bum.

I'm excited for my Skins/Cowboys game tonight on MNF and am seriously hoping my Skins can get a third win for the season. I'm a realistic Skins fan, but I have my fingers crossed extra hard for this game!

I hope your Mondays go by quickly and easily! I'm off to get some coffee from our lounge. Mmm, coffee.....!

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  1. My sweet friend.... GO DALLAS! I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan! haha

  2. Your Blocktoberfest description sounds familiar because that is exactly how my small town festivities always seem to end up.


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