It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!!!

TGIF, like whoa, guys! I am SO glad that Friday is finally here and all we need to do is to make it through just ONE more day of work. Hallelujah! (are the angels singing out loud for you like they are for me? Oh wait...that's just screaming children outside of my office...) hehe

Anyway, it's Friday, and I'm SUPER pumped. I'm linking up for Amber and Neely's Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge today!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Today's topic is: Things you are looking forward to for fall!

Well, there are a LOT of things that I'm looking forward to, the most exciting and recent of which is.....are you ready....


My tan-losing self will be basking in the sunshine on the beaches of the Dominican republic at a 4-star all-inclusive hotel (hello, fruity drinks with umbrellas in them!!)

Here are some pics off of the hotel's website (I am drooling):

You may also be wondering who is going to accompany me on this long-weekend adventure and it is no other than Match guy who has now taken on the title of "boyfriend" (altho I think I might still call him Match Guy or MG on here for funzies).

So, not only am I looking forward to escaping the hellaciousness of work for a bit during my two week break in October, I'm also really looking forward to spending time with MG. We have already seemed to make a ton of plans for future things, so I'm really excited about it.

And, the more mundane, but still awesome things about Fall that I'm looking forward to:

Cuddling on the couch when it is cold (with MG or my pup, Cooper, or both)

Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Latte's

Watching Cooper run through the leaves (he's cream so he will stick out nicely against the Fall colors)

Cute Fall clothes...perhaps finally finding that perfect pair of Fall boots that I have been searching for!

Finally visiting my buddy Genna down in VA Beach and seeing her fab new place!

Getting the second half of my bonus from work (which will go directly to car insurance and property

Going to Cox farms in VA with friends for some scary mazes, hot apple cider, delish popcorn, and pumpkins!

Making a trip out with some friends to the local wineries in VA, especially once the leaves start changing!!

There are TONS of things I'm looking forward to for this Fall! :)

Happy Friday, everyone!!!


  1. That resort looks ah-mazing! Take lots of pics so we can all live vicariously through you. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I la-la-LOVE this post -- what exciting news!!!!

    And you have also reminded me I need to pay my VA prop tax too. Boo tot hat. My LEAST favorite thing about fall is that dang bill ;)

  3. i love your blog header!!

    Fall is the best season :)

    happy friday!

  4. That trip looks AMAZING!!! I'm super jealous. :)

  5. Uhm your trip looks amazing!! Super jealous :)

  6. The hotel looks gorgeous! I'm going to an awesome resort in Cancun (first trip down there) in late October and am really excited too. Have fun. Over from Mingle Mondays.


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