It's OK! Thursday

Happy Thursday, bloggie friends! I dunno about you all, but I'm SUPER excited that we are just one day away from the weekend. I'm also excited cuz I found a new link-up a couple of weeks ago with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Make-up:

Its Ok Thursdays

So, today, it's OK that...

....I knew there was a chance it would rain this afternoon and I wore white pants anyway (which probably ensures that it WILL rain haha)...

....that I'm living for the weekend! Totally looking forward to my friends Emily and Steve's wedding reception in Delaware this weekend. Did I mention that Match guy is accompanying me? It should be a fab time, and I might even be doing some gambling on the penny slots! (hey, I'm a teacher, people...)...

...that I REALLY want to go to the Dominican Republic in early October since I have TWO glorious weeks off of work, and I am TOTALLY bummed that no one seems to be able to go with me! Grrr. It's super cheap to go (we are taking 800 bucks all inclusive everything) and I have no takers! Sadness....

....that sometimes I take certain features and characteristics from guys from my past and meld them in my head into the perfect guy for me. That's not UN-healthy, is it? IS IT???? haha...

....that I drink coffee, soda, and other beverages that are "not good for you" about 20 times faster than I drink water.....

...that I bought that Helly Kitty sewing machine I mentioned a few posts ago and have yet to even plug the darn thing in. So much for Crafty/Sewing Jenn...

...that I look forward to getting Real Simple magazine in the mail every month. I freaking LOVE that magazine with all of its handy-dandy tips and tricks, recipes, and crafty things. (Nevermind that the crafty things are the things I get excited about, buy--like the sewing machine--and then don't use...shhh)....

...that I am behind in my DVR-watching and am seriously contemplating not doing anything with anyone tonight so that I can sit at home tonight and catch up on all of my shows...

...that Match guy told his mom about me...(eeep!) but he was cute to ask "is it ok that I did?" haha...

....that my little pup Coop was an uber cuddle-bug last night. Every time I woke up, I had my little fur-ball curled up right next to me, which is totally not like him to snuggle the WHOLE night. But, it was sweet and I soaked it up (and then continued with my beauty sleep) haha...

I hope you're all having fab ends to the week and that the rest of the work-week goes quickly for all of us!

Sending you all bloggie hugs and kisses!


  1. I always live for the weekend! That dog is so cute!

  2. Jenn, if I had the vacation time, I would come to the DR with you. Most definitely! That's super cheap! Ugh, I wish I could come. You have some great things in this post. Have fun at the wedding!!!

  3. i always live for the weekends too! hope you have fun at the wedding!!

    and as for the sewing machine, i was contemplating getting one myself because i really want to learn to make pretty things... but i havent sewn ANYTHING since home ec in high school.

  4. Guess who wore white pants today too...Screw the weather!!!!!
    Hooray for fun times with match guy, he sounds sweet!
    If I wasn't going to Vegas with you I would totes go to DR! I've always wanted to go there.
    Have a great one!

  5. I'm the same fucking way with my coffee, and sodas. Take me forever to drink water. Just not as fun. lol

  6. It was raining when I left home and I wore my hair in curls today--fail. Oh well :)

    Ahh I would totally go on that trip with you! What a deal! I hope you find someone to go with you...maybe Match Guy will turn into something and he can go?! ;)

    Your dog is so cute :) Happy Thursday!

  7. I also yearn for the Real Simple magazine every month. It's the best. I read each and every page.


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