Weekend Recap

Hey all! Happy Monday! Hopefully you all aren't feeling quite as sluggish as I am this morning, but I'll soon have coffee in my hand and hopefully shortly thereafter all will be ok!

This weekend was jam packed with fun stuff, so let me recap it for you!

Friday early evening Match guy and I went to see Contagion which was actually really good. There were a TON of celebs in it, but interspersed into the movie throughout. It definitely is a movie that makes you think...and then look at every person around when they sneeze or cough around you. But, I'd say go see it!

Friday night was an early one because Match guy and I had to be bright eyed and bushy tailed to drive up to DE for my friends Emily and Steve's wedding reception. The lucky ducks got married Labor Day weekend in Antigua, and this was their "state-side reception."

When we got to DE we met up with the newlyweds and family for some lunch and then hit the casinos at Dover Downs. Match guy went in saying he would spend $100 and if he lost it, he was done. Well, within about 5 minutes he lost like $60 on roulette so we moved around the casino some more and I went to the 5 cent slots. He laughed at me, but I put a 5 dollar bill into a machine and within half the amount of time it took him to lose 60 bucks I had wont $56. I moved to another machine and ended up spending another $25 bucks (and losing it), but I still feel good cuz I was the only person who came out ahead after a little over an hour of gambling. A little after my slots win, Match guy went back to the roulette tables and I kept my distance (seemed like every time I went over, he would lose--hopefully this doesn't say something about our karma together haha). He started to win back everything and might have even came out a bit ahead, but in the end, he lost it all and we all left to get ready for the reception.

 It was at this really pretty plantation-type home/lot with a tent outside (which was nice cuz it was a bit chilly out that night). There was a small dance floor and THE most delicious food ever. Like, incredibly good food! And the wine was a-flowing! The decor was super cute since both of the newlyweds are into Science (she teaches it, and he works as some kind of smart engineer person haha), they had some decor on the table with flowers in test tubes and beakers. It might sound weird, but see here:

They also had pictures on every table from their wedding in Antigua. Combined with the lights within the tent, and the pretty sunset, it was a super great atmosphere! Here are some pics from the wedding:

Match guy and I, shortly before stuffing our faces with the amazing food!
So you can see the sun setting in the background...

A shot of the whole outfit!

The beautiful bride and our friend (we all worked together last year)
my little lap lump aka Cooper

After the weekend of fun, I picked up the Coop-monster from my parent's house (where he was uber-spoiled with attention and cuddling), came home and unpacked, and spent some cuddle time on the couch with my pup while I watched my Redskins pull out another win for the season! Woohooo! Couldn't really have asked for a better end to a great weekend.

And, shhh, don't tell, but I am reeeeeally liking Match guy. He was able to come into a situation where he knew no one except me, and the bride and groom, and ended up making more friends than I did! We laughed pretty much the entire ride up, had a great time together all day and at the reception, and he can dance! He was super sweet and I am definitely enjoying spending time with him. I honestly couldnt have picked a better person to be my date to this!

So, on that happy note, I'm off to start my day and get back into the daily grind! Hope you all have smooth starts to the week!


  1. I am just now catching up on everything Match guy related -- love it!!! He is a cutie - you look like you had such a great time with him this weekend, you look very glow-y in the pics ;)

  2. awwwwww yay! sounds like you had an awesome time! happy for you!

  3. Girl he is cuuuuuute!!! So glad you had a good time at the wedding :) Looks like a fun weekend!

  4. You guys look adorable together! And, totally good sign that he can hold his own in a situation where he basically knows no one!

  5. You guys are so cute! What a fun dress. Stopping by from Meg's Mingle Monday!

  6. Im here from Mingle!
    I love gambling and before I went to Vegas the first time, never thought it was for me. I love the roulette table. I always pick the yellow or orange chips because they stand out. Ive seen many folks forget the chips and lose them.

  7. um. so i just came to look at the pics and they are super cute! awww! me likie!

  8. I stayed over at the Dover Downs Casino once for work and I woke up in the middle of the night to the lamp flickering on and off. I swear that place is haunted lol


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