It's Ok, Thursday

Happy Thursday, friends! Only one more day til the weekend! I have my fingers (toes, legs, arms, anything cross-able) that the weather lets up some and we can get some sunshine for the weekend. A week of over-cast skies, rain clouds, rain is SUPER depressing. I feel like we are having a repeat of two weeks ago!

Anyway, to brighten my mood some I'm participating in one of my fave link-ups with Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's Ok, Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok..... want to hit the snooze button 800 times and contemplate not going in to work (don't worry, I got up and I'm at work).... be sick and tired of your hair looking like a ball of poof because of this stupid humidity (how do you girls deal with keeping straight hair straight with humidity???).... have had nachos and beer for dinner last night (can you tell I'm on a TOTAL health kick? Not...).... get annoyed (playfully annoyed) when Match guy beats me at Words with Friends for like the 4th game out of 6 that we've played... be glad that Match guy doesn't just LET me win, despite complaining that he is kicking my butt (even tho I tell him he SHOULD let me win if he knows what's good for him lol...totally kidding!)... be totally bummed that my credit card bill is already stupid high and I haven't even bought anything fun for myself (between weddings, hotels, presents, gas, etc. it is adding up quickly!)... miss one of your besties.... be super excited that I hit 100 followers yesterday! Woohoo! Thank you, followers!...... be crazy behind on my tv shows and SUPER thankful I have a DVR so I can sit on my lazy behind tonight and watch tv to my heart's content!....

What's "ok" with you today? Go link up! It's fun, and it doesn't hurt one bit-- I promise :)


  1. I hit the snooze button for almost an hour this morning...I set my alarm early enough to do that lol. My hair poofs like crazy with humidity so I give up on making it straight, I just curl it or scrunch it. Yay for 100 followers!!

  2. Ugh I'm with you, this weather is dreary and makes getting out of bed SO HARD!!!!

    I also hate it when my bf beats me at anything. But you better believe I'd kick his hiney if he ever 'let' me win! No way jose!

  3. My snooze button will probably be the death of me! At least we only have one more day to wake up before it's Saturday and sleep in time!!!

  4. Mmmm beers & nachos ... is it ok that I'm drooling right now?

  5. I love all of your OK's!!! Congrats on the 100 followers - that is super exciting! One of the things that I was loving yesterday was my DVR... it's so much fun to have fall TV! Maybe you can do dual nights of beer and nachos for din (yum yum!).

    Happy Thursday! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights


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