It's OK, Thursday!

Hey all, Happy Thursday! One more day until those two glorious days of sleeping in and doing whatever the h-e-double-hockey-sticks you wanna do! I dunno about you, but I can not wait!

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Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..... be kind of annoyed that the "Happy Hour" cruise I went on last night apparently lost their liquor license and therefore had no booze. So it was a No-booze, booze cruise. I'm more annoyed that they never said anything until we were all on the boat and in the water. That's something you should tell people, right? have spent a good amount of time people watching on the Happy Hour cruise rather than looking at the sites (don't get me wrong, I did that too, but the amount of good people watching on this boat was phenomenal!) reeeeeeally want to fast forward til next Friday so I can start my two weeks off of work, which will include seeing one of my besties in VA Beach and taking my trip to Punta Cana with the bf! wish that this was a real job and that I could have it: 
I'd be reeeeeally reallllllllly good at it! wish one of your besties a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your blog! Happy birthday, Alana!!!! still want to see Dolphin Tale and not really care that you are being made fun of for it by tons of people you know.... be happy when the boyfriend mentions Dolphin Tale in our weekend plans (he must really like me haha)... be excited for a double date with my buddy Trish (over at Tales from Trish) and her man on Friday at Matchbox (and if you haven't heard of Matchbox, it's a FAB pizza place in DC and if you come here, you NEED to try it).... now be drooling after thinking about Matchbox pizza.... have an obsession with string cheese. Seriously! I can't get enough of the stuff!!... be insanely glad that we are only one more day away from the weekend!

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  1. My first comment got card!

    YAY for you and the exciting!!!

    Bummer about the lack of booze cruise! But funny story, I was on the mall last night and heard a random horn. I couldn't place it until I though oh right there's the river and there are boats. And then THOUGHT, I wonder if that's Jenn's booze cruise. (then felt stalkerish for remembering..I PROMISE I'M NOT ONE!!! :)

    I adore matchbox pizza too...delish!

    xoxo pretty!

  2. I'd be downright FURIOUS to be on a boozecruise without any booze! It's totally ok :)

    Happy Thursday, darlin!

  3. Found you on Pinterest!! Now following ;)

  4. I want to see Dolphin Tale too. Looks so cute!

  5. Um yeah, that should have been the first thing they told you as you were getting on the cruise!

    Oh Yeah I would love love to have the Pinographer job!

  6. I'm a new follower from It's Okay...
    Love your blog would love for you to follow me!


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