Dominican Repub Recap

Happy Thursday, bloggie friends! Im still recovering from the stupid cold I picked up traveling back from the DR, but Im glad that I have the time off to be a sicky at home.  I figured since I'm sick (and have finally loaded all of my pics from the trip) that this would be a good time to show you some of the pics from MG's and my trip to the DR last weekend. (wow....I just realized that we left for that trip almost a week ago. It seems like AGES ago already).

We had easy flights down to MIami and then to DR and landed outside of this airport:
Doesnt look like your average, everyday airport, does it?

Then we took a shuttle to our hotel where we checked into (and upgraded) our room to this:

I didn't get a picture of the bathroom area but it was really nice, with a glass door shower, a separate room for the toilet and had a jacuzzi too!

The view from our balcony:
(there was also a lap pool to the right of this, directly below our balcony)

And the view of the rest of the island from the hallway outside of our room:
This was a more overcast afternoon, but the view in the mornings and near sundown were gorg!

And then there's the view from our lounge chairs every day when we were on the beach:

And these are a couple of pics of MG and I throughout the trip:

First full day on the beach

Before dinner our second night

Before dinner on our last night, significantly more tanned. Woohoo!

As you can see by the amount of drinks on our table, we took FULL advantage of the all-inclusive
aspect of the vacation! And, at this restaurant, they had THE best margaritas that I have ever had. No joke!
The resort was beautiful, and had SO many different places for you to go throughout the day. The main pool had a swim-up bar, and daily activities, but there were 4 or so more pools throughout the complex (like the ones you can see in the balcony pic) that you could go to if you wanted a more low-key, quieter atmosphere. 

The sand on the beach was SO soft, the water was super clear and warm, and the weather was phenomenal. I dont even think we ever saw one raindrop, which was nice considering the forecast had said scattered thunderstorms for every day that we were there.  The food was also really good, with a buffet of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with a snack bar throughout the day, and 5 or more restaurants to choose from for dinner. And, I think MG and I counted at least 5 different bars throughout the resort.

Of all of the all-inclusive trips I have done (this was my third) this resort, the Be Live Grand Punta Cana, was the best! I would totally recommend it to anyone (but I would say to read reviews and do the first upgrade for your room. You wont regret it!).

So, after all of that fun, I'm now nursing this cold and hoping it clears up before I go back to hell work on Monday!

Hope you enjoyed the pics of my trip!!! Happy Thursday!


  1. feel better and I love the pics :)

  2. DAMN GIRL! Looking good in that bikini! brownchickenbrowncow. you and MG look so HAWT together!!

  3. Love the pics! So glad you had a great time :)

  4. Jenn I'm so glad you had an awesome time! I have been to Punta Cana before, and I remember that airport - arriving and thinking, "thatched roof?? for real??" So cool. Happy you're back safely!

  5. I love Punta Cana! I went there senior year of college with 16 friends and it was amazing. The good company probably had something to do with it but you can't look past the amazing location. Our resort was a lot like yours...only not nearly as nice. Poor college kids had to stay in the slums.

  6. Looks like a great time. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  7. Great pics! Looks like you had a good time! :)

  8. LOVE THE PICS!!! Sorry you're not feelin' good girlie--sounds like EVERYONE is sick--and I've had a sore throat all day, too!!

  9. I love Punta Cana...I have gone to the DR for work and pleasure and they are some of the nicest people. I miss how Punta Cana used to be a hidden gem and now everyone goes and the prices have doubled. I need to get back there!


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