WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday, peeps, which means that my break from work is coming to an end. It's been an awesome 2 weeks off (despite the fact that Im now sick) and I am not looking forward to going back to work. Buuuuut, we're not gonna focus on that--instead we're gonna talk about some of the things I'm loving today for WILW with Jamie at this kind of love.

I'm loving that my trip to the Dominican was a success! The weather was phenomenal, the resort was awesome, and MG and I got to spend some quality time together soaking it, and some relaxation, in.

I'm loving that for three days, this was my view from my lounge chair on the beach in DR:

I'm loving that MG offered to come over and bring me food and meds last night since I'm feeling sick. It's nice to feel taken care of, esp when you're not feeling great.

I'm loving that, even tho I am sick, I have a few days to try and recover before I have to go back to work. Yay for not having to take a sick day when you're actually sick!

I'm loving that I'm reading the book One Day after several bloggie friends recommended it. I started it while reading on the beach in D.R. with the breeze blowing, the waves crashing, and a tropical drink by my side. Not a bad way to get some reading in :)

I'm loving the link up Oh, How Pinteresting with Michelle at The Vintage Apple.


These are a few things that I have been pinning lately:

I love the magical/romantic feel of this ...

Sticky Bun Breakfast Ring.....I really wish this was waiting for me right now in the kitchen this morning!

I just think this is really cool for wall art

I like how put together but casual this look is....and if you live in DC, you need a raincoat!

What are you finding pinteresting this week? Link up with Michelle and share!!
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  1. First, that sticky bun looks amazing! I totally want to make that now. Second, I love that outfit...totally perfect for fall!

  2. bahahaha love the cone of shame pic!! :)

  3. So glad the trip was a success!! And I hope you love One Day as much as I did -- I read it last summer and fell in love with it. so much so, that I actually didn't want to see the movie because I didn't want anything to potentially spoil my lovely memory of the book.

  4. Pleeeeaaaase post pictures of your fabulous trip soon!!! And get well : )

  5. that sucks that you're sick after vacay, maybe that just means you had an off the wall time and now your body needs some real R&R... at least you have a few days to recuperate! Feel better!

    And i love the last pin! Even though its not a real pic of a dog, that's just too cute and funny!

  6. I pinned that sticky bun too! Looks amazing! Hope you are feeling better soon! Try echinacea drops.

  7. Cute pins! The sticky bun looks so good!

  8. I'm glad you had a great trip! Can't wait to hear/see more.

  9. Love these!! These sticky buns look to die for!! II'm sort of home on my own for the day... does it make me a fat kid if I make it just for me? lol
    That centerpiece is gorgeous too!! I love whimsical things like that! :)

  10. Hahaha love that last pin...dog cones are hilarious :) Glad you had such a great trip!!

  11. Love that your trip went well and I hope you feel better!

  12. Those sticky buns look SO good! And I love that pinterest outfit!

    And that is so awesome! I went to the DR a few years ago but it was for a missions trip. I wish I got to stay just to relax. So beautiful. Glad you had fun!


  13. hey! that wall art is coool! i want! sorry you're sick. that sucks! feel better soon!!!!!

    get on google chat tomorrow so we can talk :)


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