Meh Monday

It's Monday. And, here I am, back at my desk at work......

Now, I know you will find it hard to muster ANY sympathy for me since I have just had two weeks of time away from work, BUT...I don't like where I work. Sadly, since I work in a school, I'm stuck here until the end of the school year. So, the 2 weeks off felt like HEAVEN! But, now that I am back, my body is like "Wait, did you ever leave??"

So, I have a feeling this little "stress reduction kit" might be getting used today:

hehe, just a little humor to get through a Monday (and an even worse Monday since it's the first back in a while).

I might be back later with an actual real post, but I also might be swamped with crazy kid antics (of which I will be sure to post about at some point).

I hope you all have fabulous Mondays! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I survive this day, and  preferably without a concussion (from above "stress reduction") :)


  1. Good luck on your Monday back! Monday are always the hardest...especially after a vaca .

  2. you'll be okay. every little thing is going to be fine. soon you'll be on your holiday break!

  3. aww it really sucks when you hate your job. Especially since its something your doing on a daily basis! good luck :)

    Happy Monday!

  4. I hope your Monday went well! :)

  5. That stress reduction thing is hilarious! And I LOVE your header....gorgeous pictures!


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