Real Housewives

Hey everyone....happy Tuesday! (what??? ONLY Tuesday?? How is it possible???) I'm surviving my first week back to work relatively well, it just seems to be going by very slowly. It also didnt help that my first day back I had a parent meeting that lasted two hours at the end of the day (and went an hour later than I usually stay til). No bueno.

But, anyway, I'm not here to talk about serious stuff. I'm here to talk about the Real Housewives!

First up, New Jersey!

The second part of the Reunion show was this past Sunday and BOY do I dislike Teresa. Now, at the beginning of the season I was more on her side, and I seriously did not like her cousin and sister-in-law. It also seemed like a TON of stuff had gone down before taping, because the feuds just didn't seem to make sense.
And then the season went on. And you saw the true colors of Teresa (and her weirdo, trashy husband Joe). Everything she said in the reunion show was a contradiction to what she had previously said. For instance, all of the ladies were upset about Teresa's comments in her cookbook, to which she replied "It was a joke. Don't you have a sense of humor?" BUT, when the table is turned and Kathy's husband joked that they needed garlic when Teresa came over, she's all "that was offensive"...and when she was told that it was a joke she says "well, I was offended". Ok, Teresa.
I also enjoyed when she said that Kathy's daughter having a brain tumor made her stop taking things too seriously, but throughout the entire reunion (and much of the season), she keeps taking these TINY things that people say and making them into a HUGE deal. She is the new Danielle Staub to me. DISLIKE!

Meanwhile I was sad to hear that Caroline and Deena are in a fight. Hopefully Deena will see what a coo-coo head Teresa actually is and make amends with Caroline.

Now, Real Housewives of  Beverly Hills:

This season, there are two new players attempting to get into the action...

Brandi Glanville      and         Dana Wilkey

Dana: not a ton can be said for her yet except it seems like she is the chick who is down to stick behind whoever in order to continue hanging out with the regulars on RHoBH. And she likes to talk about how much money she has. Or how expensive her things are. Lame.

Brandi: She has already caused a bunch of drama, and I find her kind of annoying. It's obvious that she has low self-esteem since she is always saying that she is a slut or white trash, and I think it's kind of crazy how she launched into her attack on Kim, saying that she was doing crystal meth (and then, in yesterday's episode, really didnt seem to think that she was wrong for saying that). Given, Kim is a weirdo this season, and wasn't very nice to Brandi when she first met her, but DUDE....ease up a bit. 
Not to mention, she showed up in an outfit, sporting a MEAN camel toe:
This was the only picture of her I could find from this episode, not in a bathrobe. Seriously, the camel toe was out. of. control.

Anyway, I'm super interested in seeing the next season of New Jersey and hearing about all of their feuding and drama.  Beverly Hills is keeping me entertained for the moment. Atlanta is sure to be full of catty craziness as usual.

What do you think of the seasons?


  1. TOTALLY agree about Teresa. The whole season I felt a little bad for her but that reunion was just embarrassing for her. Can't wait for the new season!

  2. I watch RHOBH and I'm not a fan of Brandi or Dana. I think the fight between Brandi and Kim/Kyle was totally childish and ridiculous. I think Kim says a lot of things that she shouldn't and acts very immature and well, so does Brandi. Kyle seems to be the more level-headed of the two.

  3. I am so disappointed in Teresa. Can't wait to see what happened that Jaclyn didn't come to reunion. Even Andy Cohen called out Teresa on her being the biggest Double Standard.

    Beverly Hills..Dana is like a train wreck you can't take your eyes off. She is trying so hard it's beyond pathetic and Brandi is trash..just sayin.

    I could talk about this for hours!

  4. Um, did I write your blog or did you get into my head?! lmao. I used to love Theresa, now I dislike. STRONGLY. And Brandi's camel toe--i was like, is that what I think it is?! It is hard not to keep watching these shows but they are so awful hahah! :D


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