WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting!

Happy Wednesday! Since this is my first week back to work after a vacay, I'm gonna just jump right into my two favorite link-ups of the week.

First up, What I'm Loving Wednesday, with Jamie at this kind of love:

I'm loving that it's finally the middle of the week. This week has been dragging. Doesn't help that I am still wishing that I was on vacation, butttt, what are you gonna do?

I'm loving that I just found out that my school is going to pay for myself and the other SLP (speech pathologist) at my school to go to our annual conference....IN SAN DIEGO!!!! Wooohooooo! We'll see if this actually pans out, but we just got the approval written in an email, so that's the first step!

I'm loving that the weather is still nice out. In the mornings it's a bit chilly, but by the afternoon, it's been beautiful. Fall is on it's way, but it's coming in slowly, and I like it!

I'm loving that I got some quality time over break to do some reading. It's hard during the work week to read (I do most of mine on the Metro when Im commuting), and having two weeks off to read at my discretion was awesome!

As always, I'm loving Michelle, at The Vintage Apple's link up for Oh How Pinteresting!


This week, I've been pinning....

I love these wreaths and am planning on attempting my own sometime soon!

Love those gentlemen ninjas!

Because it's still between summer and Fall here in DC and I like this outfit!

Crockpot Tortilla Soup   I'm totally planning on doing this next week!

Because I miss cuddle time during the day with my puppy and this reminds me of that
and makes me smile :)

this just made me giggle.
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What are you finding pinteresting this week?? Go link up!


  1. 1) I suuurrrriously almost snorted at my desk when I read the 'I scream' pin! hahaha!

    2) Tortilla soup this weekend for me now, thank you very much!

    3) I wasn't even on vacation but I feel like this week is dragging

    4) Huzzah for actual FALL weather and not straight winter! The sun makes me smile!

    Have a great day!


  2. the wreath is cool! make me one too.

  3. I love that outfit, so pretty! And I just bought materials to make a yarn wreath like that. Too bad I'll have to wait until Spring to hang it up!

    Happy Wednesday :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  4. I love what you're loving today! Hope you have a wonderful day! Come say hi!


  5. LOVE that last pin, the advertisement for ice cream. Really great marketing campaign! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  6. ha! Love that last pic. And that tortilla soup looks amazing. YUMM-O! I'ts still summer here in Texas, 86 for the high yesterday. We got teased with one day of 67 last week and I got too excited. It was a stupid trick!!!

  7. I love that wreath! I keep seeing these and really want to make one!

  8. I LOVE that navy dress. So cute.

  9. OOOOH, love Sandy Eggo. Have you been before?

  10. I got a good laugh out of the ice cream pic!

  11. I REALLY want to try that tortilla soup recipe :)
    Also I'm an OT and live in San Diego. A bunch of my SLP friends r going to that same conference I think ur talking about. Let me know if u need and suggestions for fun things to do while ur here :)

  12. Definitely trying the crockpot tortilla soup. Yum.

  13. LOVE that outfit! I'm still searching for the perfect riding boots.

  14. Love the outfit & wreath you pinned!! I just made my first wreath & am soo ready to try some of the yarn wreaths I've pinned!


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