Adios old roomie, hello new one!

Hey friends! It's Tuesday, and it's bright and sunshiney with a cool crisp-ness to the air here in the D-Cizzle! Despite the title of this post, I'm in a good mood, and feeling pretty ready to take on the day!

I had previously planned to do a review of some e.l.f products I got last week (maybe I'll do that post later on today), but I thought I'd fill you all in on my current roommate woes. Let me explain....

I spent my night last night meeting a new potential roommate. My current roommate only moved in 5 months ago, but decided about a month ago that she was going to attempt to find someone to sublease her room in our apartment, post an ad on Craigslist and not tell me about it. I happened to stumble upon an ad that was about my complex and sounded like it described me, and my dog Cooper, to a T. When confronted about it, she said that it is too expensive for her to live in our apartment, and that her commute to work is killing her (her job recently changed locations so she has a much longer commute). All of these things I can understand....other than the sneaking around and not even mentioning it to me. At the time, she said she didn't think she would move. I was just annoyed that she never said anything to me, and was trying to do this all behind my back.

Flash forward to this weekend, when I came back from visiting my parents, and she stops me and says "I decided to post that ad again. There are some people interested. Do you want to meet the people who are interested in coming by?" (to which I sarcastically said to her, in my head, "No, (roommate), I would like to live with someone who I have never set eyes on before, never met, and know absolutely nothing about...."). So, of course I said yes. The girl who came by yesterday seems nice, is 27 (closer to my age than my current roommate who is 23....not that there is anything wrong with 23 year olds!) and liked Cooper. All wins in my book.

The problem with my current roommate seemed to stem from me not being at the apartment. At least one night a week and usually most of the weekend, I'm over at MG's place. This is for a few factors: 1) roommate's sister comes over every weekend and they take over my living room, so I have no access to the TV, or the DVR, and sometimes the kitchen is so full of their crap that it's hard for me to use that either. 2) it is more comfortable at MG's since he lives alone and I don't have to worry about inconveniencing anyone else. Also keep in mind that my current roommate is in school late (til like 9pm) on Tuesday and Wednesday nights (so it's not like she's around a ton either). But, it seemed like every time I would come back from having not been there for a night, or the weekend, she would give me the cold shoulder, hide out in her room,etc. I didn't understand it. (Still don't really)

I tried a few times to suggest a roomie date night to hang out, or when she seemed really stressed I bought her a card and some candy, let her know I was there for her, and I hoped the stress would go down some. And nothing. Same cold person. Hid out in her room, didn't say a word to me really. Until my dad had his heart attack, and then she got nicer to me.

I still have NO idea what I did that made her be so snarky to me, but the only thing I can think  is that she is annoyed that I'm not there....which, to be honest, doesn't make sense to me. I LOVE it when I have the entire apartment to myself. I look forward to it!

The best part of last night was after the girl had seen the place, my current roommate goes "Well, if you want the place, it's yours!" without even waiting to see if I agreed, or talking to me first. So I promptly stepped in and suggested we wait til later in the night or tomorrow to talk. It had nothing to do with the girl who came by,and more to do with making sure my roommate knew whose decision this was. So rude!

So, maybe this is all for the best. Maybe I'll get a roommate who knows how to put things away when they are clean, doesn't leave empty wine bottles on the counter for 3+ months,  doesnt do laundry literally at least 4 days out of the week (many of those times letting the washer and dryer that are in my bathroom run into the night so I wake up to the buzzing when it's done), and knows how to shut off the lights when she isn't in the apartment. And one who doesn't get mad at me for having a life outside of where I live.

This whole situation has made me want to live alone. Sadly, I live in a pretty expensive area of Virginia right outside of DC. It's where people my age live and go out. I could move further out and pay less, but then I wouldn't be able to be near my friends and the fun places. It's all a trade-off I suppose. I'm just hoping new roommate is more normal. My roommate/bestie I lived with before this current roommate was like the best roomie ever--I'm not sure Ill ever get someone who tops that, or even comes close. But, I can hope!

Do you guys have any horror roommate stories? Please share...make me feel better! haha


  1. ooooooooooooh child the STORIES I COULD TELL YOU about my last roommate! First she sounds a TON like your roommate now, but the thing was she and I were friends in college. So, the drama and discord that ensude was so weird.

    She was messy, never put things FULLY away. And everything had to be convenient to her. Leaving her purse on the couch things out on the table and heaven forbid if i tried to help and clean up after her. YOU MOVED MY STUFF!

    She also gave me ish for always being with my BF! Which was annoying because she didn't want to hang out when I WAS there. Why am I gonna hang with someone who doesn't like me when I have a guy who loves me?!?!

    UGH! IT WAS and awful 2 years! I just didn't know how to tell her she had to go! But luckily she moved to another country and I am SOOO happy to live on my own. The raised rent does stink, but the happiness and calm from having everything MY WAY is worth it.

    WOW! Big novel but, you are not alone sistah! can't wait for blog meet up!


  2. I had a horrible roommate once in college. It was awkward, it was just bad. She would use my things- take my clothes from the laundry and wear them. I feel your pain. Hopefully your new roommate is great!

  3. Oh my gosh! I can't even believe that she went behind your back!! How embarrassing for her though, that you you found it!

    I think it is probably all for the best. Sounds like she doesn't know how to be responsible. I can't wait to hear!!

  4. Oh my gosh! She sounds like my former roommate! I lived with 3 other girls last year, and to say that it was awful is an understatement. One girl had a string of boys in and out, which isn't a big deal, but they came in and out right after each other daily. She refused to pick up or clean anything in the kitchen she used, and she loved to jam the thermostat on the A/C so that she wouldn't be uncomfortable. She would have been warmer had she bothered to wear more than booty shorts and tank tops every day. I could go on and on. Luckily, I've moved out and into a place all on my own. Good luck with your new roommate! xo Sarah

  5. i onced lived with this girl in college who would eat popcorn off a napkin in her bed. ugh. so weird. :) :) :)


    Love ya!

  6. Lol I recall YOU were the one who provided me with said napkin. And I do recall you were also eating popcorn in your we watched our separate tvs hahah.
    Love ya!!

  7. Oh I feel for you....roommate problems are the WORST. I think you can chalk up a lot of her problems here to immaturity. Not saying that there aren't very mature and responsible 23 year olds....but it definitely doesn't sound like she is one of them. Hopefully you get a much better roommate this time around!

    And you know I feel you on the rent issue. I am older and STLL live with a roommate (luckily we are friends, but still) It is so so expensive to live where we live. I'd rather live with someone else and be able to split the costs and live in a better area/location and still be able to go out, have fun, travel, buy shoes and what not than either pay more money to live alone OR have to move farther out into VA.

  8. Oh my goodness. I think I'd kill my roommate if she did that. It totally is kind of disrespectful. She should have just told you straight up and then either let you do the roommate search yourself (since she will be living with you) or helped you do it. Ugh! Luckily, I've never really had a situation like that, but my sister totally has! But good luck! I totally know what you mean about prices over there in VA. I have a few friends that live in Old Town Alexandria, as well as in Arlington and they were/are always complaining about prices and how they could be able to afford so much more outside the city...but they'd probably just spend those savings in cab rides to/from the city:) But hey, you are only young once...and you can't take that money with ya, right (that's what I tell myself when I go on spending binges)


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