3rd graders with cologne???

Ok, so this is my second post of the day, but just happened, and it has made me laugh and at the same time, stumped me.

Can anyone tell me why, for the second day in the last week, I have had a THIRD grader come into my office smelling like cologne? And why they have both smelled SO STRONGLY of cologne that my office smells entirely like them after the 30 minutes that they are in here??

I mean, it's better than my middle schoolers who come in here smelling like B.O. and puberty, but still...I think my nose hairs might be singed off!

A little light humor for the afternoon.... ;)


  1. Sometimes my speech munchkins come in wearing cologne because their daddy wears it and they want to be like him. But I've never had them reek of it like you've described!!!

  2. I do love a manly musk, but a 3rd grader?!? Little boys should smell like dirt. That seems gross, but they should.

  3. WOW! That is hilar! They probably just watch tv shows and think a lot of cologne is the thing to do!

    silly boys!!!!


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