Comforter/bedspread help and opinions!

Hey all....
I'm back for a second post of the day because I need help. I have been wanting to re-do my comforter/bedspread for a while and haven't been able to find exactly what I want, or I find things that I like and then I can't decide. That's the current predicament I'm in now, so I am turning to the public to ask for HELP!!!

My furniture in my room is a darker brown color (IKEA furniture with the medium-brown color), so I wanted something that wouldn't clash with it.. (the stuff is basically this color):
These are my options:

First choice:
Perry Ellis
Price: $134
Comes with comforter, sheet set, pillow cases, and 2 shams. People say the color is more of a grayish color than brownish color as in the picture.

Second Choice:
Perry Ellis
Price: $103
Comes with comforter, sheet set, pillow cases and 2 shams. 
I like this one because I can incorporate a lot of different sheet colors with it, but I am worried the black will look funny with my brown furniture.

Third Choice:
Anthology (no reviews online with this one)
Price: $180
Comes with comforter and 1 standard sham (no sheet set).
I like this one cuz it's got purple and green (my two fav colors), but it's also the most expensive and doesnt come with any sheets or any of the pillows pictured.

So, what do you all think? Opinions greatly appreciated, especially from those of you who are design-savvy!


  1. I really like the second choice. I wouldn't worry about the black and brown thing, I mix the two all the time without shame, and besides, it's your bedroom. If you can't shamelessly mix colors there, you probably couldn't anywhere.

  2. I love the second choice as well! I love the look of white comforters on beds. Something about it is so relaxing, welcoming and cozy!

  3. I think that the Anthology option is the best. It looks like it will go best with the brown and purple and green are also my favorite colors to mix.

  4. Even though it wasn't on one of the vote is for a down comforter/insert that you can put a duvet cover on and then change it up when the mood strikes you. That way you can get more than just one "look" for your room!

  5. Love the first one! I refuse to pay that much for a bed set though. HomeGoods and Target usually have really good deals.

  6. I love your first and third choice for bed spreads! Super cute!

  7. I like the third one. It's the prettiest, and you can always get sheets like you want.


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