It's Ok! Thursday

It's Thursday, all...and that is NOT ok with me...yesterday felt like it should be at LEAST Thursday, and therefore today feels like it HAS to be Friday. But it's not. So, to get over the blues of being totally lost on what day it is (thank you, internal calendar, for being screwy), I figured I'd link up with Amber and Neely for It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

So, this week, It's OK....

....that I have taken off more days of work in the past week than I have all year. Given, it was for a family emergency, and family ALWAYS comes first!....

.....that I am counting down the days until I leave for my conference in San Diego. 13 days!!!...

....that I purchased these lovelies two weeks ago, but when I tried them on I didn't have skinny jeans on, so I couldn't get the full effect. It took me until last night to try it, and I LOVE them! Totally worth the wait!
What do you think?
....that I feel really lucky to have MG in my life, especially given all of the craziness with my dad's heart attack this past week. He's been absolutely wonderful--checking in during the day, making me dinner, picking up my pup from my apartment and watching him, and giving me a shoulder to cry on or a distraction when I've needed it. I'm lucky to have him.... really wish that the calories from Halloween candy went to my boobs instead of, well, everywhere else... wish that clearing out your DVR burned the same amount of calories as running for the amount of time you were watching tv (altho, in the past week, I haven't done much working out OR watching my DVR)... do a little online shopping to de-stress. I DID get everything at a discounted price, AND can be used for everyday wear or work wear, so I'm ok with it!...

...that I still haven't posted pictures of MG and my Halloween costumes and night out. I promise I'll get to it!


  1. I'm with you chica, family is ALWAYS FIRST!!! But, that is SUPER awesome MG is being so fantastic. It really does help to have someone support you in the time of need!

    Sending more good wishes and happiness!


  2. I am so SO sorry to hear about your Dad this past week. Hangi n there!

    And haha I ALWAYS want the halloween candy to not go to my hips.....

  3. If you do find a way to get that candy to get to your boobs...please share:) I could use that trick as well:)


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