Cyber Monday....

As if I didn't already have a hard enough time NOT online-shopping (it's just so tempting when I get emails throughout the day from Loft, NY and Co, etc etc etc about all of the amaze-balls discounts they are having)....and then Cyber Monday hits.

Now, I work at a school, so me and my bank account LOVE a good deal. I did my best to resist the urge to even LOOK online at things yesterday because MG's party is this Friday and I have to charge his gift today or tomorrow, along with the cost of the party....I was really trying to be good.

I even went on Loft's website and didn't really find anything that I wanted (this may or may not be because I had already done a significant amount of damage shopping there in the previous weeks, so there wasn't much there that I wanted and didn't already have). But then, Coach outlets sent me an email.

I clicked it.

And now, this little gem is going to be making its way to my apartment sometime soon:

I got this baby for $90. Down from an original price of $268. 

I had been eyeing it for a while, and with the discounts, I was seriously thinking about it. Thanks to my friend Trish, she encouraged me to bite the bullet, splurge and get this for myself as an xmas present. So I did. And now I will be banning myself from online shopping for a little while. Maybe. :)

Did you guys get any Cyber Monday deals?? Are you as addicted to online shopping as I am?? haha


  1. i love that bag! it's so cute. i want one! i didn't buy anything for cyber monday .... only probably because I didn't look!

  2. Good deals!! I really LOVE that Coach bag!! Sounds like the one I got at the Vegas outlet for about that price :) How do you get the coupons from Coach Outlets? I am signed up on the Coach website but I never get any coupons and there's an outlet like 30 minutes from me! :-\

  3. That's an AWESOME DEAL!!!! Good job getting it. You will use it everyday so think of it as a dollar a day ;)!!!!

    I did too much black friday shopping, so I totally ignored cyber monday!



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