WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting!

Happy hump day!! I'm having a decent time this week, which is surprising since it's my first full week at work in about 3 weeks. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut since it's only Wednesday! haha

Since it's Wednesday, it's the day of two of my favorite link ups! First up is WILW with Jamie at this kind of love:

I'm loving that MG loves me! <3

I'm loving that the weather has been so nice for so long this month! It's a little chilly today, and it looks like Mother Nature finally realized that it's the last day of November, but I've enjoyed the warm weather!

I'm loving that I'm playing a game of Words with Friends with MG's mom..and that she writes me in the little chat area. I think it's so funny, but also really cute.

I'm loving that I'm finally going to see Breaking Dawn this Thursday!

I'm loving that I got in a few workouts over the Thanksgiving break, which were much needed!

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest, the best time waster there is! So, I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, how Pintersting!


This week I've been pinning:

In honor of the actual Winter-y weather we're getting in DC...

Skinny Spaghetti: spaghetti squash with olive oil, tomato, basil and feta. yummmm!

SO my kind of humor!

In honor of me seeing Breaking Dawn this week...Perhaps the perfect hybrid!

12 Days of Holiday Cocktails Um, yes please!!
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I guess my pins this week are a little sillier this week than normal, but hey! Sometimes that's what you need to get you through a week following vacation!

What are you pinning? Go link up so I can see!!!
Happy Wednesday, lovies!


  1. That holiday cocktail looks so yummy. Even at 7:57am lol

  2. 12 days of cocktails?! oh my :) love the pins!

  3. i love that hybrid picture. and 12 days of cocktails. YES PLEASE!

  4. Love that red coat! In fact I think I love the entire outfit!

  5. You are so hilarious!!! Love your funny pins!!!

    And the hybrid is a better look for Edward I will agree! Have fun at breaking dawn!

    I need to start working out again too!!!

    Almost to friday yay!


  6. Love these pins! I did a cocktail themed pinterest post today so I can appreciate that last one :)

    That mix of Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner is a trip!!


  7. I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn. So exciting. I love all your pins and I'm now following you on Pinterest.

  8. I love words with friends!! So much fun!

  9. Ha Ha I love your perfect hybrid photo! And Breaking Dawn is awesome, you'll love it! I'm actually considering seeing it again before it's out of the theater :)

  10. That Edward/Jacob mashup is almost too much for me to handle. It's like too perfect.

    Also, skinny spaghetti. Have you tried? Do a write up!

  11. Um, that skinny spaghetti needs to get in my tummy now!

  12. I've got a few of those pins myself!! I laughed when I saw that text message- too.freaking.funny!! And those 12 days of cocktails....um yes please!! :)

  13. That spaghetti looks delicious!! And I definitely also pinned that text message.. so hilarious!!

  14. I love the outfit selection you have first of all. I would totally wear that. And I was laughing when I saw your morphed Robert and Taylor because I felt he was more attractive then both of them, ha!

  15. I love, love, love that red jacket!! Perfect for colder weather!!


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