I'm guest posting, peeps!

Hey all! Happy Monday to ya!

I made it back from my conference in San Diego and BOY was it nice out there! Altho the weather was kind of chilly one day, the rest of the time it was absolutely gorgeous. Enough for me to even think about moving there....even with Starbucks coffee costing more than it does here (which I couldn't have even imagined).
Here are a couple of pics I took while I was there:
What I saw on the walk to and from lunch each day...

The view from our hotel room on the last night as the sun set....*le sigh*...

Anyway, I will share more about my trip later, but in the meantime go over and check out my guest post about the interesting (amusing, weird, horrifying) people and things you encounter while travelling. There is a list of some of the people and things I encountered on this last trip and I hope you get a kick out of it! So, head over to Tales From Trish and check it out!

Catch ya later, lovies!!

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  1. heading to see what you guest posted right now, if what you encountered is like anything ive seen i can hardly wait to find out!


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