WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting!

Happy Wednesday, friends!! It's the middle of the week, and as you're reading this, I am on my way to sunny San Diego!! But, I couldn't pass up the chance to do two of my fav link ups of the week, so why don't we just hop right to it!

First up is WILW with Jamie at this kind of love:

I'm loving that I'm going to San Diego today, and that my work is paying for it! 5 days in sunshine and warmth? I'll take it!!

I'm loving that meeting MG's mom and sister this weekend went SO well. I was really happy to fit in so seamlessly, and that they were awesome.  Meeting his family made me like him even more....it's nice knowing your guy comes from a good family, and seeing the love they have for each other!

I'm loving that next week is Thanksgiving! It seems like this month has been zooming by! I'm looking forward to my mom's awesome stuffing, the squash casserole that we make (it's SO good), cranberry sauce and pie. Mmm, I think I just gained some weight thinking about it!!

I'm loving that I decided to ask for a Kindle for Xmas. I think I'm going to go with the Kindle Touch so that I can read anywhere that I go. The Kindle Fire seems cool, but I dont really NEED it, and have pretty much everything else I need on my phone or my laptop. The Touch seems right for me right now!

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest, and the link-up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting!!


This week I've been pinning....

Um, I LOVE this outfit. I'm gonna need someone to buy it for me. Any takers?? :)

Holiday cocktail: cranberry, apple, vodka, gingerale. Yes please!

These look so pretty, and easy! I need to make these!

Panko crusted chicken stuffed with Ricotta, Spinach, Tomatoes and Basil. I'm drooling.

I pinned him to my board on Pinterest, but I wish I could 'pin' him elsewhere..... heh heh ;)

Seemed appropriate given my comment on the Ryan G pin above  :)

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What have you been pinning lately?? Head over, link up, and show me! :)
Happy Wednesday!!
(Don't mind me if I disappear for the next few days...not sure how much internet access/time I'll have in SD!)


  1. Fantastic pins, doll - and don't worry, I had the same thought with that man candy up there ;)
    Have a fantastic day!!

  2. Jealous you're going to SD! One of my top five favorite places in the US for sure. It's rainy and miserable here today..what I would do to teleport myself to the sunshine of San Diego :) enjoy!

  3. Ryan Gossling how did you know I wanted you for Christmas!?!?!

  4. I LOVE your pins today!!! Im seriously going to steal pretty much all of them. That holiday cocktail? The crafty bottles? The chicken? Ryan Gossling?!?! Ok, so when I said pretty much all, I meant all... :/ Sorry!!

  5. You're gone for 5 days?! WTF?! jk. i hope you have a good time!

    You asked Mommy-Claus for a kindle too! I STILL don't know which one I want...

    miss ya!

  6. Have fun at ASHA!!!! I'm super jealous!

  7. bla haha love the last one. thanks for the giggles!

  8. love that chicken recipe! looks amazing!

    and that Ryan Gosling bit is hilarious! Have fun in San Diego :)

  9. I've tried that Ricotta chicken before and although it was SO delicious, it was a pain in the butt to make. But you may as well make it and see what you think! Good luck! :)

  10. I LOVE that outfit! I would definitely wear that! Also, LOL at the inappropriate jokes poster. :P

  11. I love that outfit! I always find the cutest outfit ideas on Pinterest. Now if I could just transfer the idea to real life I'd be all set.


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