Jam-packed weekend

Hey all! Happy Monday! Are you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning? I'm actually not struggling as much as I normally am on a Monday which could have to do with the fact that the weather here is absolutely gorgeous (I barely even needed a jacket this morning),  that I am coming off the high of a really great weekend (more details on that below), or that I only have to be at work today and tomorrow before I jet off to sunny San Diego! Whatever the reason, I'm ok with it!

This weekend was full of stuff! The main event, which I forgot to mention last week on the blog, was that MG's mom and one of his sisters came down from PA to visit with two of his nieces. I wasn't really nervous about meeting them because everything that I have heard about them has been nothing but great, but given my experience with my ex's parents/family (they didn't like me because I wasn't Jewish, and therefore did not treat me very nicely or make me feel very comfortable), I was a tiny bit hesitant. Lucky for me, it was SO much fun!

His mom is hilarious, and super sweet--you can tell she adores her kids and grandkids. She even brought gifts for Cooper (dog treats and a new toy) and for me (a really pretty candle from Pier1 in a pretty box). How nice is that?? Everyone was in love with Cooper, and Cooper had no problem soaking up all of the attention, love and pets that he could get. He even managed to hump the little girls a few times, which I tried to stop, and they thought was hilarious (they go "Look! He's dancing!!".....all of the adults looked at each other and busted out laughing).

When they arrived Saturday afternoon we took them to look at planes at National Airport (there is a spot nearby where the planes fly RIGHT over your head), and then took them to Pentagon City where they had an outdoor ice skating rink where the kids could skate. MG's mom and I sat out while MG and his sister took the two girls out. Can I tell you how adorable it is to see your boyfriend caring for kids? And doing it so well. Cuz, it is! MG's mom and I got some good talking time in, and it was SO easy. She just makes you feel at home being around her. It was really nice. Afterwards we grabbed dinner and went back to MG's place where we watched Gulliver's Travels (dont watch this movie--it's reeeeeally weird, disjointed and...did I mention weird? lol).

Coop and I went home after that to give them some family time together. After all of the petting, running around, etc. Cooper made his way into my apartment, got a couple gulps of water, climbed onto the bed and proceeded to pass out. This is him:

The little guy didn't move at all when I went to shower, or got into bed. Out like a light! I suppose little girls will do that to ya.

Yesterday (Sunday) we took the fam to Eastern Market, a HUGE outdoor market that has basically anything and everything that you could imagine (crafts, clothes, food, jewelry,etc etc etc) and then to the Natural History museum (in my opinion, the best museum in DC). Lucky for us, the weather was nice and it was great to be outside. After the museum the girls were sad that they were leaving, and a few tears were shed.

Before they left, MG's mom and sister told me how great it was to meet me and that they were glad they were able to come down to do so. It was so nice to hear, and I felt the same way.

Once they left, MG and I felt like it was 8pm but it was only 430, so we rented Crazy, Stupid Love (with hottie mc-hottie Ryan Gosling) and ordered in some pizza for a completely vegged out night in. I really liked the movie--the plot was pretty good, and there were a few things in there that I wasn't expecting. But, let's be real, even if the movie had sucked, seeing Ryan Gosling with his shirt off would have been MORE than enough for me! :)
I mean, come on....

I also made a decision on my bedroom comforter set, which turned out to be none of the ones that I posted about (but thanks for all of your input). I found out more information about all of the sets that made me not want any of them. If I had to choose one of the three, it would have been the white one with the black and green accents (which I discovered was only a duvet cover). This is what I ended up getting at Target for $75:

I'm pretty happy with it for now. I might decide to change it up come Spring time, but I think it's a good comforter for Fall/Winter. And, it's purple, which makes it that much more amazing :)

Ok, I'm done with this uber long post. I hope you all have great starts to the week!


  1. awww! i'm glad you had a great weekend. this post just warmed my hurt.

  2. I love Target - pretty much all my bedding is from either there or HomeGoods. The organic sheets from Target are ahmahzing!

  3. I love Crazy Stupid Love...and Ryan Gosling!!! xox

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. So glad you got along with the family, I know that can be nerve-racking.

  5. Found you through Mingle Monday. Looks like you had a great time! That dog is soooo cute. Is it a Bichon? I had one growing up and they are the BEST. And... I really feel like I need to see Crazy Stupid Love. Everyone keeps talking about Ryan Gosling...

  6. OH MY GOSH I love that comforter! I'm going to need to buy it. I wonder if they have it in grey?

    Happy Monday!

  7. Hello there! I found your blog from "mingle mondays" on Life of Meg. So happy I stopped by because I am following your blog now :) I would love for you to check out mine and follow if you like.

    Hope you have a beautiful day!
    Morgan Daymude

  8. I'm dying to see crazy stupid love-- might be a weekend in this upcoming and well I heard Ryan is the main event ;) hahaha

  9. visiting you from mingle monday and im so glad! i totally know what it's like to be in a long distance relationship, decide to move and then have it fall through AND to go from a bf's parents who hate you to meeting new ones that do :) so glad you had a nice visit, and for real ryan gosling? sigh. i'd watch the movie over and over just for him, but i really did like it besides that :)

  10. It is soooo important that you get along with bf/husbands family!! Im so glad you guys did, and that everything was so easy, and not awkwardly forced! Sounds liek you had a fun wknd! And can i say right now, that MG is STUDLY! Good job girl ;)

    xoxo Inna :)
    Inna's Daily Fix!


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