That's me. I am stupid when it comes to hair. What to do with my hair, how it should be cut or styled, etc. For the most part, I have had a very similar haircut for the better part of my life. And mainly that's because it scares me to get a cut that will be seriously messed up (I got "bangs" when I was in middle school and the lady who cut my hair totally jacked it up...I've been scarred ever since!) I've changed to a side part and will occasionally mess with bangs and length, but that's about it.

As for how to style my hair, I have NO idea what to do with a curling iron. My hair is pretty thin so I don't think much would hold, and I dont flat iron my hair because then it would just look stringy, flat and ew. And no one wants "ew" hair!

I'm sure you all know that once you find a good hair dresser, you are hard pressed to leave. Well, a few weeks ago, the guy who has cut my hair for the past 4 years closed down his salon out of the blue. I was left stunned, and panicked about where I was going to find someone else to do what I liked!

Luckily the blog world offered a solution! Good ol' Deviled Megs happens to live near me and I asked her if she knew of anyone good. She recommended a girl who is close to where I live that her roommates go to. So, I quickly made an appointment, and went last night.

I'd say it was a success! The girl I saw was SUPER nice, really funny, and paid close attention to what I wanted. And the best part was, that she SHOWED me what to do, and HOW to mess with my hair (my old hair guy never told me...or told me crazy things that I needed 4 arms that weren't attached to my body to be able to do). I told her I didn't really know what to do with my hair and a curling iron, so she showed me. This was the result, after my cut:

At first, I wasn't sure that I liked it, because Ive NEVER seen my hair with curls, but after a while (and a few  comments from a friend and the boyfriend that they really liked it), I was a little more convinced. Now, the question is, can I do that myself?!?!?

The sad part is, even with some hairspray and stuff, after the 15 minute car ride home, the curls were starting to fall....I dunno why my hair sucks so bad at holding onto styling, but it's frustrating. I might attempt to re-create this sometime soon. If it doesn't totally suck, I'll blog about it. If it does, I'll spare myself the embarrassment (unless it's just too funny NOT to post) haha

And, for a funny aside, when searching the interwebs for pics of haircuts, this came up in the search:
It was called "no hair in your noodles dork mask" (literally, that's the name that popped up when I went to save this pic).  Seriously? I would rather put my hair in a ponytail than wear this stupid thing! Anyway, it worked for a good laugh, so hopefully you laughed too!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I have the SAME problem. I"m so bad at hair its just silly. I still ask friends to help me when i have a date or a fancy thing to go to. Makes me feel like such a little kid...

    I need a dork mask. For fashion and function.

  2. YAY!! So happy it worked out with Jade!!

  3. omg that picture at the end... those asians are just so innovative... LMAO. jk.

    your hair looks cute curled... try curling on a day where your hair isn't squeaky clean and make sure you put some product in it...

  4. I struggle with my hair too. My hair is fine like yours and I'm just hair stupid as you said. I always have to get someone else to help me out with it BUT it's hard to find people who are good with fine hair. They always just want to douse it in product and hairspray which then makes it too heavy to even hold a style. Also, I always feel so limited on the haircuts I can do because too many layers will make it look even flatter than it already does but not enough layers will make it look lifeless too! Fine hair is so difficult! So I totally identify with you!

  5. bahaha love that no noodle hair!! too funny!! Check out my bracelet giveaway~

  6. i love your hair with curls girl to me it just makes for a more romantic look! haha i love that noodle from away from the hair while slurping gadget, too funny


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