WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting!

Happy hump day!!! It's the middle of the week and what better time to start getting excited for the weekend and all of the other good stuff that's happening to get us there!

Today I'm linking up with Jamie at this kind of love for WILW:

I'm loving that my dad is doing better after his heart attack. We've run into a few complications with fluid in his lungs but his doctor seems to be on top of it, and my dad is sounding better by the day. I'm hoping this trend continues in a positive direction!
me and my dad when I was a little one

I'm loving that a week from today I will be on my way to sunny San Diego for my ASHA conference (Speechie stuff). Can. Not. Wait!!!!

I'm loving that all of the details for MG's 30th birthday party are finally coming together. Phew! I've secured a venue that isn't going to cost me a fortune, but is still super cute in the Arlington area (Rooftop for those of you who live in the area) and it is going to be fab! (I hope!) I'm still working on a few surprises for him since he now knows the location....more on that later

I'm loving that the DC blogger meetup is happening soon. I can't wait to meet my fellow DC bloggie friends!!

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest, and therefore Oh How Pinteresting with Michelle at The Vintage Apple


Here's what I have been pinning lately:

I'm in love with every aspect of this outfit! 
Just because he's sooooo cute!

Spinach Tomato Orzo Soup (this actually links to 16 skinny soups for Fall)

Ahh, so true....

Spinach Artichoke Pasta....holy mother of....my mouth waters every time I see this...

teehee...love it!

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So what are you loving and finding "pinteresting" this week?? Go over and link up so I can see!!!


  1. what a cute pic of you and your dad! i love it!

  2. The pin of the dog is so cute! That soup sounds delicious. :)

    Lyndsay @ Simply Lyndsay

  3. That picture of you and your dad is too cute. And I'm definitely going to check out those soups. Thanks for sharing. Be sure to stop by my blog for my current giveaway from Crate & Barrel.

  4. Both of those recipes look AMAZING!

  5. And I hope your dad continues to improve! :)

  6. Hope your dad continues to get better! :)

    And that auto correct is too funny, love it! Haha

  7. Glad your dad is better! That's awesome!

    HUZZAHHHH for blogger meet up, so fun!

    Have fun in CA, it should be awesome!


  8. Glad to hear about your dad!
    That pasta looks soo good.

  9. Yay for your Dad feeling better!

  10. That little guy is soooo cute! Great pins!

    xoxo, Nali

  11. that is the cutest picture of you and your dad! so glad he is doing better.

    that soup look delish. im off to repin from your pinterest now ;)

  12. Have fun at the conference.
    I love the auto correct pics people have. It does get on my nerves a lot. It hates Hotty Toddy and you would think as much as I say it during football season it would stop it.


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