Baby, it's cold outside....

Holy Shnikeys, is it cold outside this morning! I know that this weather is "typical" for this time of year, but my body is still in complete and utter shock over the change from 50's and 60's in the mornings to 30's!

And, it's officially winter (in my mind) because, I busted out the winter coat this morning. My lighter coat was doing me just fine until this morning when I woke up with the start of a sore throat (No! Not right before MG's party!!) and was shivering my hiney off when walking Cooper.

BUT, instead of dwelling on the cold, the shorter days....and the COLD, I'm going to focus on some of the fun things that are going on, and that I want to take part in!

1) MG's 30th birthday party this Friday (tomorrow!!) We are holding it at a local bar that has been SO nice in helping with the arrangements (and not charging me out the butt for having a party there). Unfortunately the place isn't a surprise for MG, BUT he has NO idea that two of his friends from high school who live in the NY area are going to be coming down to surprise him. I made sure that they both told him they couldnt come, for various reasons, and he totally believes it. I'm looking forward to seeing his face when they show up!

2) ICE at the National Harbor. The National Harbor in Maryland is a really neat spot that has all kinds of stores and things, and obviously it's on the water. They have a HUGE holiday thing going on, one of which are these massive ice sculpture thingies that you can walk through, etc. This year the focus is on Madagascar (the movie), but the picture over there is from 2009 and gives you a taste of what Im talking about. There is also a HUGE tree, and other holiday things to partake in, which I've already told MG that I want to go to! hehe

3) Christmas Tree on the National Mall: Every year the White House does the national Christmas tree lighting. I don't really want to go to that, but I'd like to go see the tree. AND they have a whole other area nearby that has 50 different mini trees, one for each state, that is decorated with things known for the state (ex: Maryland has a bunch of crabs and things on it). There's a HUGE fire pit, hot chocolate, and I think it'll be fun to go see and walk through!

The city is quite pretty during the winter time!

4) Walking through Old Town, Alexandria. Old Town is a really neat place, also near the water (in some parts) and has all kinds of stores, restaurants, boutique-y places, etc. The coolest thing about it during the winter time, I think, is all of the lights they put in the trees on the main street. It really makes you feel like you're walking in a Winter Wonderland. And, if I'm gonna be cold, I want it to be in a Winter Wonderland!

This picture isn't the best representation of the walk-ability of this place, but it's a nice pic of the lights, and that's what's important! :)

I'm sure there are TONS of other things that are going to be going on in this cold weather, but my frozen brain just can't come up with them right now. Stay tuned, though, and I'm sure they will ALL come up on here as they happen!
Hope you all are staying toasty warm today!! My cup of coffee and I are going to go and get our day at work started, slightly warmer than it began when getting here!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Brrrrrrrrrrrr cold is no bueno!!! I was fahreezing this morning.

    The national tree is fun, I've gone a few times. Make sure to bring hot cocoa!

    I've always wanted to see ICE!!! I think I will make C go with me this year!

    Have fun at the PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ohh its cold here in florida.. not use to this, i prob look crazy with my shirt, sweater, and jacket hahah!

  3. Ah, that ICE thing looks awesome! I would love to go check that out! And I'm sure DC is so much fun during the holidays. I'm not even 2 hours away so I should probably make an effort to get my booty up there for something! :)


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