The Weekend Cooper got a TON of Love...

Happy Monday, lovies! I'm a little later than normal on this post because I'm on my first day of vacation, and have spent it catching up on the DVR, grocery shopping and preparing dinner in the crock pot (Pasta Fagioli...mmm), and cleaning the crap out of my apartment--most of it was stuff in my room, some of it was the crap my roommate continues to leave around (she's up to a collection of 6 empty/semi-empty wine bottles on the kitchen counter, and the pot that has been on the stove for the past week and a half is still there, among other things).

MG and I before the wedding, taken from a 5-year
old's perspective (hence why we are looking down) lol

But, besides my roommate being annoying and messy, I had a FAB weekend up in Philly with MG and his family. We went up for his friend from HS's wedding, and BOY did I get a scoop on what MG was like in high school. Let's just say, I'm glad that he's who he is now haha.

Along with heading up for the wedding, we spent time with MG's family, and brought Cooper along. He was, apparently, the part that MG's nieces and nephew were most excited about. Especially his 5 year old niece (who is one of the cutest little people Ive ever met).

Take a look at the evidence to back that up:

Yes, that is my dog, licking her feet....for at least ten minutes...

 Let's just say that when MG's other niece and nephew arrived later in the evening, Cooper got quite a good amount of exercise (maybe he even lost that extra pound the vet has been getting on me about)! I would be willing to bet that there was probably no more than a total of 5 minutes when Cooper did not have someone's hands on him! :) 

As always, MG's family was SO much fun, and I loved spending time with them. I actually wish that we were closer so that we could see them more often!

It was an awesome weekend! I'm a little jealous that MG is going back up on Friday for Christmas....but at least I'll have Cooper :)

Hope you're having a good start to Monday!


  1. Aw so glad your puppy had a fun weekend! Enjoy your vacation! It seems to fly by so quickly this time of year. :)

  2. LOL @ cooper licking her feet for 10mins! too funny!


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