Things to Look Forward To...

Happy Monday, peeps! Hope you had nice, restful weekends. And, if they weren't rest-filled, I hope you at least had exciting stuff going on!

This weekend was a ton of fun--I went home for a bit to see my dad on Saturday for his birthday (during which I felt as though I got the 3rd degree about my relationship with MG, and how I am giving him--MG--no reason to need or want to marry me since we "basically live together", according to my dad. 'Gee, thanks, Dad...good to see you, too...') After the 3rd degree the rest of the visit was nice. That afternoon MG's friend was celebrating his 30th birthday with some day drinking at a local bar. We started around 3:30, hung out and played various games, ate some delish food (they had some killer mac and cheese) and ended up getting home around 11 that night. Surprisingly, I did not feel like utter and complete hell the next day (which may or may not have had to do with the late night pizza stop we made as a group....can you tell that I was the picture of healthy eating this weekend??? haha).

And, yesterday, MG and I finally settled on plans for Spring Break.
We are going to......*drumroll*....


5 nights in mid 80 degree weather, with soft sandy beaches and endless food and adult beverages? Um....yes please!

Luckily we were able to find a great deal on this vacation (flight, hotel, food and drink for 5 nights for $1,000) and are now looking into doing an excursion or two while we are there. Top on the list is zip-lining and maybe doing a boat/catamaran trip! Suuuuper excited that we finally have it all nailed down and BOOKED!

So, even though this week is the first full week with kids that we've had for a while at work, I am keeping my eye on what's to come on the horizon. Some things to look forward to:

-p!nky gets back from Cancun today! (Wooohooo for my gchat buddy returning!!)
--dinner with my parents (hopefully this weekend, baring any complications)
--Valentine's Day with MG...not sure what we're doing yet, but a trip up to Big Bear is being tossed around
--President's Day in February for a little 3 day weekend action where I think we will be going to PA to visit MG's family
--My birthday on March 11th (mark it in your calendars!) :)
--Spring Break trip followed by another week off afterwards

And's April! When it's laid out like this, everything seems a lot closer and "real"...and whenever I'm stressing out about something, I'm gonna pull up this post and read through that list.

So, I'm off to start my work day--I hope you guys have fabulous starts to the week!!


  1. Ohhh spring break sounds wonderful :)

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! And YAY for Jamaica!!! So fun!!

  3. You are so lucky you get actual breaks throughout the year. I think that would actually force me to take a vacation. I really need to get one on the books asap.

  4. YAY! So glad to have my gchat buddy back! xoxo


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