Horrible Date Story

I usually don't have any link ups on Tuesday but when I saw the theme for the Link Up that Amber is hosting, I couldn't resist sharing my horrible date story (and I'm looking forward to reading all of the other ones that get posted too).

Valentine’s Day Challenge

So, I was 22 and in grad school, and had met this guy once online before. We had met up in Dupont Circle in DC for a couple of drinks. His name was Art. Everything went well--I wasn't smitten but I had had a good time, so when he invited me to a kickball party for our second date, I agreed.

Signs along the way that should have concerned me:
(Maybe the first sign should have been that his name was Art)

One, when I met up with him he told me that he was not on a kickball team, so in order to get into this party we had to say that we were two other people and that we worked for the Department of Justice (hello, I was in grad school for speech therapy...SO not even close enough to my profession to fake it). I thought it was weird, but I went along with it. We ended up having a good time while we were there so, no biggie...right?

Two, nowhere in the date was eating food involved. It was simply a date based around drinking which I did not realize when I agreed to go--but I kept sane and only had a few drinks throughout the night (I was after all, on a second date with a guy I didn't know that well, and had to commute via metro back home). 

After a while at the kickball party, we somehow found out that there was a mansion party elsewhere, so we cabbed that way and there was a HUGE party going on at one of the mansions in DC. How many people did we know? Um, as I recall it was zero (I can't even tell you how he found out about this party). But, here, there was more drinking. 

Three, we eventually make our way outside for one reason or another, and we are sitting on the front steps of this place and Art reaches over and tries to make out with me. I politely kissed him quickly and turned away. Apparently that was the sign to him that gave him permission to put his hand up my skirt. Um, NO SIR! So I slapped his hand away and told him no and that not only did I NOT want to do that, I certainly did not want to do that on the front steps of a house where I didn't know the owner, out in public with people walking by!

Well (and this whole next part is four)...Art got angry. Like Dr. Jekkyl and Mister Hyde angry. He started flipping out and telling me that I could just go home then and that he was going to leave me. What???? So he starts to walk off, I'm standing there with my jaw on the floor, thinking "Did this guy really just leave me in the middle of DC????" So I go to the corner and ask a police officer which direction is the fastest way to the metro. All of a sudden Art is back by my side (I guess the sight of me talking to the cop scared him?) so I ignore him and walk away in the direction the cop tells me.  Art follows. And repeatedly during the 5 block walk to the metro grabs my hand, stops me in my tracks and pulls me back towards him to kiss him.

I declined over and over. He was a drunk mess and I wanted to get home. We finally get to the metro and lucky for me his train was on the opposite side of my train so I sent him on his way and counted my lucky stars that that was over and nothing terribly horrible had happened (as I write this I can imagine worse outcomes). 

You think it's over? Oh, it's not. Who do I get a phone call from the next day? Art. Who leaves me a message, acting as if nothing had ever happened (didn't even mention it) and asks me when I would want to go out again!!!! Art! How about never, cowboy. NE-VER!

I think I actually wrote him on the dating website and said that his behavior was out of control and I did not trust him to act appropriately in the future so I did not want to go out with him again. He responded with something like "I'm really sorry. I never get like that. It's never happened before and I promise it won't happen again. I really like you. Please give me another chance." My butt it's the first time that's happened. And it probably wouldn't be the last. And I wasn't sticking around to find out.

Heinous date that one was....
*shudders*  I took a break from online dating for a while after that. Luckily not EVERY dude on those sites is a creepball. Thank goodness for people like MG who are happy, caring, sane and sound individuals. Phew!!

So, what's YOUR bad date story??


  1. Wow...that is a BAD date!! Who does Art think he is?? HAHA i'm so sorry you had to live through that!

  2. Wow! What a crazy story! That could've ended really badly. Glad it didn't

  3. ugh - that sounds terrible! You're right though that it could have ended up a lot worse - SO glad it didn't!

  4. Oh my gosh-- that's horrible! Glad you got out of that one. That's scary...

  5. Oh my gosh what a horrible yet entertaining story! I seriously could fill a book with the bad dates I've had! xox

  6. Oh my gosh!! That really is a horrible date, but it made me laugh a little bit that he wanted you to crash a party with him for a DATE! LOL what a whack job!! I'm so glad things didn't turn out worse!!!

  7. That is a horrible date! I'd be scared out of my mind.
    Found you through the V-Day linkup and I'm following you.

  8. OMG Art sounds scary when he gets mad!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  9. Wow that is a really bad date! I would have been kinda scared. What a creep!


  10. Oh mon dieu- that does sound like a terrible date! Just wanted to let you know that I just found your blog and nominated you for the Liebster Blog award. Check out my blog for details :)

  11. Oh no! what a horrible date! so sorry :/


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