WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday which means that it's the halfway point for my final week off from work. Time flies when you're being a complete lazy ass having fun! :)

Since it's Wednesday, it's time to share some of the things that I'm loving this week with Jamie at this kind of love!

I'm loving that I have such good friends who make listen and help me talk things through. You guys mean the world to me!

I'm loving that we had some lovely unseasonal weather this past weekend! It was so nice out I only needed a long sleeve shirt, and MG and I were able to go for a hike nearby. It was a fab way to end the year and bring in 2012!

I'm loving my Kindle Touch. It's awesome. I've finished one book on it so far, and I am just loving it. Plus, I got some games over the weekend and those have been entertaining me as well! :) LOVEEEEE

I'm loving that tv shows are finally starting to be new again. My DVR was getting lonely with nothing to do the last week or so. It, and myself, are both pleased with the new stuff!

I'm loving Pinterest for all of the neat stuff it offers, including last minute holiday dessert recipes, which I totally used for our NYE party! Woohoo!

Since I love pinterest Oh-so much, I'm linking up for Oh How Pinteresting with Michelle at The Vintage Apple


Here's what I have been pinning this week:

This looks comfy...and with my new cable knit Uggs, it would be great!
Might need a bit more color in the jewelry so it's not so drab tho!

Slow Cooker Shrimp and Artichoke Risotto I love me some shrimp, and
I love using my crock pot!

Ahh, this totally looks like something that I would do :)

Sugar Cookie Martini with sprinkles on the rim. Mmmmm

I just love his cute little face!

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What have you been pinning this week?
Show me! Show me!! :)

Love ya, girls!


  1. <3 our chats girlfran, you are fabulous!

    We MUST figure out how to master the kindle touch sharing (ok that sounds dirrty, my bad haha)!

    LOVE the text and mansion pins...TOTALLY made me laugh this morning! Thanks!

  2. Ooo I want that outfit you posted...SUPER cute!! And the iPhone text...lol too funny :) I'm also really big on shrimp lately, I pinned a lot of shrimp recipes and actually posted one today on my post!

  3. Hahaha cute pins, I would love to have that fun sprinkle martini.


  4. That outfit is so cute and comfy! I wish I had it on now!

  5. I was totally gonna post the IPhone conversation! :) And I wanna try that sugar cookie martini! :) Great pins this week! PS. I have a Nook and it goes everywhere with me! Yay for e-readers!

  6. Your pins this week are totally fun! I adore the baby chimp, he's definitely my favorite...But I have small obsession with monkeys! Enjoy the rest of your week off!!

  7. Funny texts get me every time!! Especially punny ones!! Happy Wednesday!

  8. Love the outfit idea at the top :)

  9. That last one is my favorite! Hilarious!

  10. visiting from the link up. kindles are great!! :) if you're on facebook, like "free books for kindle" on it because they are ALWAYS posting updates for free books on it! :)


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