This is my first time linking up for Confessions Friday, but I liked the idea, and since it's my last day of vacation, I figured, WHY NOT!

I confess....that although this is my THIRD week of vacation (and today is the last day of it--boo!!), I am still not even CLOSE to being tired of being a lazybutt. Although I'm sure MG would beg to differ---poor guy getting up and ready for work while I stay laying in the comfy bed, sleeping away :) I don't want it to end!!!

I confess.....that I am DREADING the return of my roommate today. I don't know when she is coming back, but I know it's today, because she said so on facebook. Frankly, she never even told me that she was going to Europe for a week...she just left. Is that weird not to tell your roommate, even if you're not close? I would assume you'd tell, just in case something happened while you were gone. But, what do I know?

I confess....this week has NOT been as good as I had hoped for working out. I told myself I was going to work out today, but my legs/butt are STILL sore from Wednesday's Jillian Michaels workout. So, I've already begun to talk myself out of it. Perhaps I'll muster enough energy to go run on the treadmill for a bit...

I confess....I wish I was more crafty than I am. Or, at least that I tried more of the crafty things that I see on Pinterest. I wish that I was more creative and could turn that into a side/fun thing. Alas, that has yet to happen...

I confess....that I love blogging. And all of the cool people I have met/talk to because of it. You all rock. End of story! :)

I confess...that I have slowed down on my reading rampage this week. I've gotten sucked into playing games on my Kindle rather than doing real reading. Im determined to make that change today and maybe this weekend, too. 

I confess...that my credit card bill this month is rivaling last month's which had the majority of my Xmas stuff on it. Dang it, I gotta get these finances under control! I'm gonna try not to do anymore online shopping for the next month....(she says after she just spent $100 on sale stuff at Victoria's Secret earlier this week). I swear....NO MORE! (I hope?)

I confess...that I really like this link-up. There's something cathartic about it! :)

Hope you all have awesome weekends! I will be soaking up the remnants of my vacation (come Monday morning you might find me curled up in the corner

Hugs and Love,


  1. That is weird that she wouldn't tell you! Do you guys get along?

  2. That's ridiculous she didn't tell you she was leaving!! I would be so annoyed. I hope she's not too bad when she gets back. Blogging rocks :) Have a great weekend!!

  3. YAY! So glad you joined the link up, isn't if fun?!?!?! One of my favorites thank you very much!

    Your roomie blows...end of story!

    I'm awesome, let's celebrate and get together soon ;)!

    How can you not buy stuff during the semiannual sale?!?! IMPOSSIBLE!


  4. Yeah I would more than a little upset if my roommate didn't tell me she was leaving for a whole week. It's just common courtesy in my opinion!

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  5. that is werid she never told you she was leaving!! hmmm

  6. I'm having the EXACT same credit card chaos. How the heck do I rival Deccember already?!

  7. Great confession, but how weird is your roomie?? ugh, that is the worst!

  8. It's very weird that she didn't tell you! How rude!

  9. Oh I SO wish I was more crafty!! And yes, that is way weird for her not to tell you she was leaving. I'm jealous of your super long vacay!! :)


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