Cooper Goes to School

Happy Friday!!!!

I don't have a ton of time to post, and the main reason for that is that Cooper is running around inside of my office at the moment, excitedly awaiting the arrival of kiddos!

My principal let me bring him to school last year, mainly to be with our kids in the "resource room" (kids who have more challenges, etc) and it was a HUGE success. The kids were motivated, got more work done, and taught Cooper all kinds of things like math, and reading.

So, we are doing it again. I can't wait! When Cooper realized the morning routine was different (aka, his travel kennel came out), he got VERY excited. As soon as we went outside he was running around, cuz he knew something different was happening. And now, he is ready for learning:

I'll try and take more snapshots through the day and post what I can at some point!

Hope you have a great Friday and a tail-wiggling weekend!


  1. What up COOP-A-LOOP!!!

    Jealous I'm not there!

  2. I love that you can bring him to school with you. So fun. Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Ok you must tell me more about this because when Wallace gets a little bit older, I would LOVE to do this!!!

  4. Awww this is so adorable!! I wish I could bring my dog to work :)

  5. I work everyday with my pup by my side! It's amazing! How awesome that you get to do that!

  6. oohhh!!! cooper is so cute!!! its nice to share him to kids at school.. love your blog!!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kisses!!!


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