Friday's Fancies: Hollywood Glam!

It's been a bit since I put together an outfit for Friday's Fancies, but I got into the mood to get creative with some fancy clothes, and didn't want to spend the money to do it for real!

So, since the Oscar's are coming up this weekend, {av} at {long distance loving} made the theme for this week Hollywood Glam!

I chose to make an outfit that I would wear if I was a celebrity....ahh, one can dream, right? :)

I did something simple and elegant with a touch of "different" in the bracelet. This is what I put together:

Friday's Fancies: Hollywood Glam

I saw the shoes and fell in LOVE with them--I like that they are a classic dressy shoe but love the swirly detail of it that makes it SUPER girly and awesome :)

What are you fancying this week?? Go head over and link up!


  1. I love the sleek metallic look of the dress. Stunning!

  2. That dress is stunnnning! LOVE it.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Don't you wish you had somewhere to wear this outfit this weekend? Love the shoes!

  4. love the dress. i bet it's really unforgiving!

  5. Such a pretty dress!

    If you have a chance, enter my diamond earring giveaway :)

  6. Wow that dress is gorgeous!! I love the simplicity yet sexiness of it!!!

  7. that dress is so pretty. & the shoes look great with it. happy weekend

    xx :: ashlyn
    let it be beatuiful

  8. UMMMMM!!!! oh so gorgeous!!! xoxo

  9. That dress is absolutely stunning! I love the neckline. I bet it would look great on Michelle Obama - or anyone else with killer arms haha.


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