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Its Ok Thursdays

Today, it's ok....

....that every morning, when I catch the same trains to work, on my second train the "conductor" (is that what you call metro train operators?) sounds like Janet Jackson. Albeit a sleepy sounding Janet Jackson, but it sounds JUST like her. Always makes me wonder if Janet gave up the hard life of a musician to be a train operator :) be annoyed that when people at work used my office while I was gone, to test a kid, that I came back to papers in my office, my post-it notes drawn on with things like cars, etc, my pencils drawn on with my pens....grrr! I HATE when people don't respect your space, especially when they are borrowing it! The same kid/teacher are using my office today and I intend on leaving a note and/or saying something if I see them before I get booted out of here for the morning. have had a little bit of a shopping spree over the long weekend. MG and I hit up the outlets in PA when we were there, and I purchased some great things (a long sleeve shirt from Forever21 for $11, a sweater from J.Crew for under $30--thank you teacher discount!, and a sweater dress from Loft Outlet for $20, and two sweaters for $10 and $15), all of which are totally usable for work. And then when I got to my parents' house, on Monday I did a little cyber shopping in preparation for Jamaica/spring and summer. These were  my purchases:

$16.90  this one just looks like a super comfy lazy day shirt and I wanted it!

$19.90 --could be cute for night dinner in Jamaica and throughout spring/summer

$24.90--just thought this was cute

$16.90--figured I could also wear this to work with a cardi over it--love multiple uses!!

$16.90 --could also maybe get away with this at work with a cardi but love the lace straps

All of that cost less than $100 (before shipping...dang you!!) so I feel pretty okay with the cost. be reeeeeeally annoyed that Cooper's teeth cleaning is going to cost me almost $500. Why is this so expensive??? At this same vet, they had quoted me $600 for his neutering when he was a puppy (I took him somewhere else). How is getting your teeth cleaned almost the same as getting your balls chopped off?? Tell me that... want to punch people on the metro who insist on singing the songs they are listening to via headphones, out loud, so everyone else has to hear your horrid singing. Or listen to you cuss every other word. Not ok, especially at 7am. Grr! be on a health/workout kick because: 1) I'm just not feeling good about my body. I feel bloated and pudgy and my clothes aren't fitting how they used to/how I want them to; 2) cuz Jamaica is almost exactly a month away and 3) I'm getting closer to 30 and I need to get my habits more stable before my metabolism hits the floor. be super jazzed that my Olay pro-x finally showed up yesterday (even tho the shipping tracker still says it's in Jessup, MD). I tried it out last night and me likey! I'll post a review after I use it for a week or so, but so far so good!! be pumped that the weather is supposed to get up into the high 60's today. But, not so pumped that it's tricking me into thinking that it's almost the end of the school year, and it most certainly is NOT. I'll be enjoying the yummy weather either way (good thing I bought those shirts, don't ya think???) lol

Alright, I need to go prepare to get kicked out of my office. Boo! Hope you all have awesome Thursdays--one more day til the weekend!!!


  1. Hahaha I loved the part about getting your teeth cleaned and getting your balls chopped off being the same price! Something is seriously wrong there! LOVE all of your recent purchases - they will be GREAT for Jamaica:)

  2. I hope you leave a note before you leave the office! It drives me crazy when people let their kids run wild and don't have any respect for the person who's stuff is getting ruined by the child.
    Those tanks are soooo CUTE! Now I want to do a shopping spree...

  3. great post girl those tanks are so adorable!

  4. I work at two offices and HATE when I come into one or the other, and it's clear somebody used it and left a huge mess for me. SO rude!
    The balls chopping and teeth cleaning cost so much because of the anesthesia. That's the most expensive part of any animal operation. Plus they have to intubate the dog which is also time consuming and difficult (and somewhat dangerous). They also usually require bloodwork because they want to make sure they won't have any reactions to the anesthesia or have any underlying issues that would cause complications. A dog or cat teeth cleaning is more similar to, like, a wisdom tooth removal for humans -it's just so much more involved to clean an animal's teeth than a human's.

  5. I love the first and last outfits. Will look nice! There's a teacher discount?!? I want that. How do I get?

  6. Definitely OK to treat yourself to a little shopping spree :)

  7. Oh my word, I would be so POed if someone used my room and left it in a mess!! It infuriates me when people don't respect others' things!

  8. I agree with so many of your "ok's" today! And your fashion buys are great!


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