Weekend Recap with a Book and Movie Review!

Happy start of the week, friends! I had some trouble getting up this morning because it is FRIGID here in the DC area. Snuggled up all warm and cozy in my bed was definitely where I wanted to stay this morning. But, alas, I am here at work, and ready to take on the week. Especially with Valentine's Day coming up and the prospect of a long weekend!

This weekend was kind of busy, but I'll do some highlights for you:

1) Friday night MG's best friend's wife was in town for Gilt City (part of Gilt Groupe), and they were doing kind of a clothing sale at an art gallery in DC, so we went to the VIP event and scored some nice deals. I got a skirt for $29 that was originally $138  and MG got a tie for 30 bucks that was originally 100 something. There was a nice dress there that I thought was gorgeous and upon looking at the price tag I saw that it was $499. I thought to myself "Oooh, how much is it on the discount?" No...that WAS the discount...from $3,000!!! Needless to say, I passed on that one! :) After some good deals and free drinks MG and I headed back home and had a night in with lots of really good conversation.

2) Saturday, in between flurries, MG and I went bowling with a couple friend of ours, which was a ton of fun, and we discovered Bud Light Platinum. Have you heard of it? I hadn't until this trip. It's got 6% alcohol so you will be on your butt MUCH faster than with a regular Bud Light (consider that you're warning) haha. MG and I emerged from the bowling alley victorious in every game except the last one--and that was only because we gave them a 50 point advantage....and after 3 of those Platinum beers, my bowling was NOT as accurate as it had been lol. We still beat them but only by 29 points so we still technically won, even with my semi-beer induced lack of skills lol

3) The Vow: MG was a good enough sport (and he owed my from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) to go see The Vow yesterday. I thought it was cute, and had NO idea that it was based on a true story! I think once MG saw that at the end (cuz he clearly missed it in the beginning), I think he was a little more impressed. I was hoping for a bit more cheesy lovey dovey stuff in the movie but it was more about the conflict of her not remembering. Was still a good chick flick and I would recommend seeing it (if chick flicks are your thing). It's cute, but I was expected MUCH more sappy stuff---and I'm pretty sure MG was happy that it wasn't as I wished lol.

4) MG and I finally got to have dinner with my parents. Weather and healthiness all cooperated and we met up near my parents house at an Italian restaurant. It went really well, as I anticipated that it would. MG and my dad got along like champs--talking about all kinds of history related things (which I had said from the beginning that they would be good with), and MG asked about my dad's time in the Air Force, etc. My mom brought me and MG Valentine's cards and chocolates, which was super sweet of her. Along with a HUGE package of Ju-Ju hearts which are like seriously my favorite candy of all time (not the kind with the sugar on it--the plain ones). Mmmm. Overall, it was awesome and I was SUPER glad that we were finally able to do it. And, it was my dad's first "out to dinner" since his heart attack, and I was happy that it all went smoothly! Yay!

I also finished the book Matched by Ally Condie this weekend on my Kindle. I had read reviews that if you liked the Hunger Games, you would like this book. And while the book was ok, it was far from great. It's another book about America now being run by "Officials" and "The Society" where every aspect of life is regimented and controlled by higher ups. Maybe it's because this is the 3rd book/series I've read with this "theme" but it just didn't feel very original and I thought that some of the writing felt really forced at times. Like, over the top imagery that just felt like it was put in there just to put it in there, not for any real purpose. I thought it was ok. It was an easy read and I might read the next book in the series just to see what happens, but I'm not jumping at it like I was when reading The Hunger Games or Divergent (both of which, I highly recommend). Out of 5 stars, I'd give it maybe 2.5-3. Luckily I got it by renting it from the public library so I don't feel like I wasted money on buying it.

I hope you guys all had great weekends! Can't wait to read about them!! :)


  1. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend! Hoooooooray for getting together with the parentals and the bf for dinner....flippin' finally right?!?!?

    Happy monday xoxo

  2. I thought the same thing with The Vow. It was good but a little more somber than I was anticipating.

    And Matched was pretty good, but it didn't wow me particularly like Hunger Games did. I've read the 2nd though and plan on continuing to read them.

  3. sounds like a great weekend! i'm happy MG got to meet the rents. i'm sure he loves them just as much as i do :)

    I'm not sure if i'm going to see the vow now. i want to but i just may wait until it's on netflix.

    i need to read matched. maybe i'll read that after i finish VA.

  4. I'm not a fan of Bud Light in general, but I heard Platinum is pretty good. I want to see The Vow!! I'm glad you had a good time with your parents at dinner!

  5. Sounds like such a lovely weekend! I want to see the Vow but so many people have been saying how disappointed they were or were just expecting a bit more. I think i might wait for it to come out on dvd.


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