Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, bloggie friends! I spent a bit of time this morning looking for a funny image to head up this post and I've found one that made me giggle:
The teacher in me definitely can appreciate the "fiscally responsible"-ness :)

So I already received a special surprise yesterday from my Valentine, MG. He sent me flowers at work, and they smell yummy. It also accompanied a sweet card, both of which I'll share with you guys:
Ahhh, I love that sweet boyfriend! I love the flowers, but the card is my favorite part (must be the "words of affirmation" part of me--Love Languages-- haha)

So, last week I told you all that I had been working on something kind of special for MG. After all, this is the first year that I've been with someone who I trust 100% and know that he loves me just as much as I love him and I wanted to make sure that I made him feel special this V-day, too!

This is what I got/made:

This was more of a "ha ha" gift, but I am ALWAYS teasing MG about the fact that he  loves to nap. And comments frequently with things like "just a ten minute nap...." or "I think I'll take a quick nap"...this seemed right up his alley and I'm pretty sure he'll laugh when he sees it.....and probably use it often :)

This is half Vday/ half "YAY new job" present, but I have been trying to get MG to buy some kind of dress shirts with purple in it. For his new job, we had to go get him some new suits, and at the store, I saw this shirt and said how awesome it would look with the new gray suit he just bought. He actually agreed (insert my shocked face), but when we saw the price tag of $80 we both scoffed. I went back a couple weeks later and decided to splurge so he has something nice to wear during his first week of work, and to let him know I care. And, it's purple :)

Lastly, I made something. I had seen an idea like this on the Thrifty Decor Chick's blog last year sometime after Valentine's Day and was like "Man, that's a great idea"...luckily the whole reasoning behind it worked out for me:
(sorry, I blocked out the bottom for MG's identity secrecy)

Since MG and I are HUGE Words with Friends rivals (and by rivals I mean, he beats me 9 times out of 10 and I get mad haha), this seemed appropriate. I made the words intertwine and then added our names to the bottom...which also happen to be able to intertwine as well.  The background was a pattern I saw online, but when I printed it out, it was fuzzy and not really crisp, so I went over the whole thing, by hand (do I love this kid, or what?! :) ) It took a bit of time, but I'm proud of it, and I hope that, even though it's all sentimental and mushy, that MG will like it. I'm pretty sure he will :)

What did you do this Valentine's Day to make sure the person you're with knows that you care? Share.....so that I can have some ideas for next year! hahaha

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! Sending you lots of love and hugs!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY LOVIE!!! Those gifts are FABULOUS and I know MG will love them!!!

    So happy we are friends! I LOVE BLOGGING cause I met you!!!!

    lovers you girlfraaaaaaan!


  2. Happy Valentine's Day girl! What beautiful roses your man sent you - sooo nice:) You got your man some great gifts! He's going to love them - have fun!!

  3. Love all the gifts! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Very cute gift ideas!!! OMG I NEED one of those nap shirts!

  5. Awww beautiful flowers!! And the note is so sweet :) What a cute shirt you got made for him!! And that's super thoughtful to get the dress shirt for him, too! And what a cute scrabble frame...seriously, so creative and cute!


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