WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

Happy Hump Day!! I'm fresh off of a lovely night out with my beau last night where we had DELISH Italian food (I'm still drooling thinking about it), yummy wine, a light and heavenly dessert and lots of quality time. Love!

I'm jumping right into things today since I am running short on time this morning!

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I'm loving the nice night out with MG for V-day. He loved his gifts and even put the Scrabble picture frame on the little mantle that you see right when you walk into his apartment, next to a picture of us.

I'm loving the funny and thoughtful/sweet things MG did for me for Vday. Flowers delivered at work, nice dinner out, and a really sweet card that contained a McDonald's gift card (this was the funny part and is an inside joke), a gift card to Panera (because he knows how much I crave that Broccoli Cheddar Soup in the bread bowl...I probably request about a million times a month if we can go there haha) and a gift card for Amazon so I can get more sweet reads for my Kindle. I loved all of it cuz he put some thought into them and I can TOTALLY use them all!

I'm loving that the weather is nice today. No freezing fingers this morning!

I'm loving that I have MG saying "amazeballs" now....and he even wrote it in my valentine's day card. Muahahah!

I'm loving  that we are going to spend some time with MG's family this weekend. And loving even more that his mom told him yesterday how excited she is for us to come up this weekend. Although, I think it has more to do with her being able to see Cooper. I can't really blame her:
He IS quite a cutie :)
I'm loving that my good buddy Genna didn't get ticked at me when I realized that I double booked this upcoming weekend. Thanks, girl! Totally looking forward to her visit--I miss my Genners!!

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This week I've been pinning...

I love purple!!!! I would totally do the flat with this (or I wouldnt be able to walk in those heels)

Raspberry Mango Sunrise Smoothie  Yummy!!

I am an expert at wine CPR...
Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Chili  Altho the pic looks a little nasty, read the ingredients and you'll see why it probably tastes amazeballs

Just a little touch of cuteness for the day after Valentine's Day :)
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Have a fantabulous Wednesday!!!


  1. hahaha cooper is so sweet! love that he is posing on the bike!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous vday with the honey! Nice job MG! Glad he liked your gifts.

    I love Cooper too, he should come visit me ;)!


  3. aw sounds like a lovely valentine's day. i'm happy for you!

    loooove the first pin (the purple stuff)!

  4. Bahahaha that wine pin is awesome. Totally me :)


  5. Sounds like an amazing Valentine's Day! :)

    And that smoothie looks delicious - looking into it now!

  6. Aww such sweet gifts from MG!! Have fun spending time with his family! And all your pins look so great!

  7. Okay so I'm all of a sudden in the mood for a raspberry mango smoothie. Looks so yummy..


  8. Hey. I am a new follower from WILW. I also got a Panera gift card for Valentine's Day and went there today :) Yummy!!

  9. Love the pic on the bike! adorable!


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