It's OK Thursday

So, I already posted today, but I really like doing the It's OK posts as well, so I'm back to make it happen!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....

....that I am now only 10 days away from the last year of my 20's....29 is a-coming, which means 30 is right around the dang corner. Noooooo!

...that I skipped on working out this week twice. Once to catch up with a friend, and once yesterday cuz the weather was crummy and I really wasn't in the mood. BUT, I still stuck to eating healthy and I don't feel AS guilty about it.

...that a friend of one of my good friends who follows my pinboards on Pinterest asked if I was getting married sometime soon since I had a wedding board. Really? I thought that it was ok to have that even if you're not engaged yet. I'm not gonna forget some good ideas just cuz I dont have a ring on my finger yet!

....that the norovirus (or rotovirus?) has struck my school. It had hit the other campus of my school, but this week has made its way here sending teachers and students home with the pukies and poopies. Ew. Hand sanitizer is now my BFF. Would it be wrong to wear a surgical mask like they do in Asian countries? haha

....that I was told about a meeting less than 24 hours in advance that I am now expected to come fully prepared for (usually we have a week or more notice)...but yet, the same people won't respond to my requests about things that are due in a month or more, so that we can avoid having these last minute "drop everything and come here" situations. Grrrr! It's called, PLANNING, people!

...that MG and I have a weekend of drinking ahead of us, and I am a little scared. Friday night is a friend's bday...and then Saturday another friend is celebrating her bday at a pre-St. Patty's Day bar crawl during the day. My liver is already cringing...

....that it's supposed to be 66+ degrees here in DC and I am happy. Spring can not get here soon enough for me!

...that I was able to cross off another month on the school calendar on my wall! Only 3 1/2 more months to go!!!

And now I'm off to the last minute meeting...hope you all have fantabulous Thursdays!!


  1. :) <-- you know what that's for.
    LMBO. ARE you getting married? it's coming soon. they DID just pass the gay marriage thing here in maryland. we could always elope.

  2. wear the face mask! i got the norovirus last month and it was HORRIBLE. protect yourself however you can! people might think you're crazy, but its better than being sick!

  3. WOOOOHOOO sun shiiiiiiine!

    Does a body good yeah?!!?

    Seriously people, PLAN!!!


  4. Girl I have a wedding board and I dont even have a boyfriend :) There is nothing wrong with planning and knowing what you want for the day it happens!


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