Book Review: Still Missing

Happy Friday!!! 
Can you tell that I'm excited that it is FINALLY the end of the week? You could? Good, cuz I am!

I was going to share a book review with you today, anyway, and then I saw that Heather at  Blonde---Undercover Blonde is having a book club link-up today. Fate?? Methinks so!

The book that a recently finished, and told you I would share more with you about, is called Still Missing by Chevy  Stevens. I originally heard about the book from C-Mae at Happiness Is... and since I needed a new book to read, and she raved about this one, I ordered it for my Kindle:

The book is about Annie O'Sullivan, a 32 year old Realtor, who gets abducted during one of her open houses. Annie recounts the scary abduction and the many details through a series of sessions with a therapist, so the story goes back and forth between present time and the past, which keeps it interesting. Although the story is really terrifying, it's also interesting to see how she deals with the abduction during, and afterwards. (If you like psychology-like things, you'll like this book). It was definitely a page turner and I kept reading to find out what would happen next to Annie. 

I don't want to write too much, because I don't want to give anything away, but I liked this book. The topic was scary (because while you're reading it you definitely put yourself in her shoes and wonder "what would I do?"), but it was also really interesting. I found myself telling my boyfriend about the book and even he was like "Whaaaat? That's crazy!"

Go check it out!

~~After reading this book, I definitely wanted a lighter, happier read so I got A Dog's Purpose on Amazon, but the same day, I found out that The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest is now available via the e-library so I'm gonna read that one. So much for lighthearted! haha~~


  1. Ahh, I don't think I'd sleep at night if I read this one!! I'm glad you linked up!!

  2. YAY for new books....can I borrow it please?!!?

    WOOP it's frizzle friday! holla!

  3. Whoa. This sounds intense. But I like it! Thanks for the review!

  4. i read this book a couple months ago and i totally agree that it is awesome and yet so-real and scary!

    i read her other novel recently,too,just as good.

    happy friday!


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