It's Thursday, and I can not wait for this week of work to be over. It's so close that I can almost taste it, but it feels like time is moving at a snail's pace! So, in order to pass the time, I figured I'd link up with Amber at Brunch with Amber for It's OK, Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.....

.....that I couldn't fall asleep right away last night because I couldn't stop making a mental list of everything that I need to pack for Jamaica. I literally had to tell myself to shut it down in order to get some shut-eye.

.....that you all are probably sick of hearing about Jamaica. Don't worry, only one more blogging day of that! :)

.....that I woke up in the middle of the night feeling stressed out thinking about where I'm going to live when my lease is up in July. Seriously?? I'm already worrying about this?? be a little bit peeved that it's foggy this morning because it totally makes my hair frizzy and I don't like it. realize that it is going to be humid in Jamaica, and I may as well get used to the ugly frizzies! have used a $100 gift card to Target in one shot, and still had to pay $30 via credit card. At least I got a cute dress (on the left), some travel essentials, snacks, and a couple of new bras and undies with it! I suppose it's not so bad considering I haven't been to Target in well over a month (did you just gasp? Cuz I did too when I realized how long it had been!) be excited to erase my entire month of March from my wall calendar at work, because when I get back from Spring Break it will be April 10th! :) be mega glad that, when I talked to my dad on the phone last night, he sounded SO much stronger than he has in the past few months, AND that he said he is finally noticing some progress with his cardiac rehab and how he is feeling. There's still a ways to go, but I'm really glad he's finally getting a turn for the better after everything he's been through since his heart attack. Yay for healthy dads! 

....that I was both laughing and rolling my eyes when I saw this video last night, that made me think that maybe I need to stay in the education field, just to make sure people don't come out as dumb as the girl in this video--check it out, watch it, laugh/roll your eyes, and be thankful you knew the answer before the husband explained it:
PS, I love the face that it pauses on when you start the video. Complete and utter confusion mixed with disbelief lol

I hope you were as entertained as I was!

Happy Thursday!!


  1. JAMACAIN me crazy jealous!!!



  2. I could EASILY spend that $100 at Target - I'm not surprised you had to throw in a little extra too:) YAY for Jamaica - its sooo close! Make sure to drink a cocktail for me:) oh ya....YAY for healthy Dads too - that's awesome news!

  3. I'm so glad your dad is doing better! And I just have to say how embarrassing that video is!! I'm allowed to say this because I'm Mormon (and I know they are Mormon just by my Mormon-radar) and I have family from Utah/Idaho (including my parents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins), and I lived there for 5 years - the education system isn't as great there. That is horrible, but HILARIOUS! Have fun in Jamaica - soooo jealous. Love you!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I will be sure to have tons of fun :) Miss and love ya! :)

  4. love your it's okay Thursday post, miss!
    i just scribbled my very first one, hehe
    cute blog btw!



  5. Good ol''ll get you every time!!

    Hahahaha my brother was telling me about that video yesterday and I died...too funny!! I love that he keeps moving the camera back to him laughing haha :)

    YAY for Jamaica and for your dad feeling better!!!

  6. I don't think I could EVER be tired of hearing about Jamaica! Glad that your dad is feeling better!


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